Every February, citizens across the country recognize the contributions of Black Americans who have impacted the advancement of the United States in areas such as politics, education, and technology. 

In celebration of Black History Month, we are spotlighting one of our volunteers, Peter Beasley, and his amazing work to diversify the cyber profession. Beasley is the co-founder and executive director of Blacks United in Leading Technology International, Inc. (BUiLT), a nonprofit organization that advocates for the inclusion and advancement of Black technologists globally.

Beasley began his career in the industry in 1985 when he transitioned from being an electrical engineer to managing information systems. He entered this role when the personal computing industry was in its infancy, well before the Internet and cell phones. Back then, he led a technical support group for Mobil Exploration in Dallas, Texas where he was responsible for the personal computing security of the entire corporate division and their first-ever distributed computer network using the Novell operating system.

As a technology professional, he continued to advance his career by leading large corporate technology departments including those at Excel Telecommunications, First Horizion Home Loans, and First American Real Estate  He eventually founded and led his own enterprise software company from 2003 to 2019 and founded and led international nonprofits since 2020.

Beasley says he believes information security is baked into his professional core, and he understands the requirement for information security to exist in all that technology professionals do in their careers. As a partner with ISC2, BUiLT plays a vital role in providing diverse perspectives to protect the cyber world and improve racial equity in the industry.

"I envision that ISC2 and BUiLT will continue their official annual partnerships, holding joint events, promoting each other's goals, and developing tools for Black people to thrive in cybersecurity for years to come," Beasley said. "With BUiLT being focused on Black people, and with ISC2 being larger and firmly established, collaborations that help BUiLT thrive [media spotlights, national speaking opportunities, introduction to potential BUiLT board candidates, introduction to sponsors] will specifically help with ICS2's goal in diversity, equity, and inclusion."

Peter Beasley (left), along with (Dwan Jones (ISC2), Alicia Williams (ISC2) and Cassandra Dacus (Cyversity) at ISC2’s Joint Networking Event with BUiLT and Cyversity in Atlanta, GA.


Beasley believes it's important to highlight diversity in the cyber profession during and beyond Black History Month because Black history thrives daily through the accomplishments of Black people, which “should be praised and recognized for more than one day or for just a month.” In his lifetime–especially over the last 15 years–he says there's been significant progress in the United States in overcoming its racist past. Beasley says this month signifies hope toward overcoming life's daily obstacles that still exist for Black people like himself. That's why he acknowledges the impact of ISC2 and BUiLT's collaborative efforts regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Currently, BUiLT is in its sixth four-week cohort to help Black people earn their Certified in Cybersecurity certificate. Tens of BUiLT’s members have gotten certified through ISC2 and BUiLT's joint efforts. The organizations are also finalizing their fifth toolkit highlighting how to navigate cybersecurity industry bias. This toolkit, along with the others, is downloaded by BUiLT members and the public to develop techniques for Black people to join and thrive in cybersecurity.

The work Beasley and his team do at BUiLT requires long hours and involves the contributions of so many volunteers. Beasley recognizes the enormous value of volunteerism and partnerships and encourages both younger and older Black professionals to seek out such connections. “Volunteering with organizations like ISC2 and BUiLT places volunteers in the “center of the conversation.” If you are seeking employment in cyber, volunteering in leadership calls attention to yourself and highlights your skills. Naturally, potential employers notice you.”

To learn more about BUiLT, visit here .