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30 year anniversary of CISSPThe Power Macintosh hits the market.

Linux kernel 1.0.0. is released.

Amazon is founded.

Microsoft stops supporting MS-DOS.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is formed.

WXYC provides the world’s first internet radio broadcast.

1994 was full of milestones and achievements that directly impacted the connected world we live in today. It is no wonder that the CISSP – the gold-standard cybersecurity certification – was launched that same year. ISC2 is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the CISSP all year and will be sharing the stories of the pioneers who helped to shape the industry.

Formed in 1989 as the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, the organization you now know as ISC2 was created by unifying several groups of information security professionals. The first Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) was finalized in 1992 with the CISSP officially following a few years later. Our association was designed to nurture an emerging profession with the expertise, standards and ethical practices that would be necessary to secure a world that has become more connected than could ever have been predicted.

In its first year, nearly 50 professionals earned the distinction of putting CISSP after their name. Thirty years later, more than 165,000 CISSP are working diligently to ensure a safe and secure cyber world.

We hope you’ll join us in commemorating #CISSP30 all through 2024 as we celebrate the history of the cybersecurity profession and the practitioners who are part of this elite group.