Maintaining your certification through continuing education is a cornerstone of the ISC2 certification scheme. Whether you are in an entry-level role holding the CC, or you’re been in the cybersecurity field for years and are a proud CISSP, you know that earning CPE credits is an important part of keeping your certification current. While CPE credits are due at the end of your three-year certification cycle, it’s never too soon to start earning credits. Webinars are a free and easy way to keep up to date with cybersecurity trends and earn those valuable CPE credits.

The award-winning ISC2 webinar team has compiled a list of the top-rated sponsored webinars from the second half of 2023 to make it even easier for you to find the best cybersecurity webinars to watch.

I Have Trust Issues & So Does My CISO Sponsored by Corelight

Ashley ‘AJ’ Nurcombe, Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer at Corelight and Brandon Dunlap, Moderator

As organisations continue the push to Zero Trust, we’ve all got some Trust issues to work on. The best thing to do is get it all out in the open and don’t let your relationship with your networks get toxic.


Busy Bees – The Transformation of Malicious Loader BumbleBee Sponsored by VMRay

Patrick Staubmann, Threat Researcher at VMRay and Brandon Dunlap, Moderator

Since its inception, the malware loader known as BumbleBee has been involved in numerous cyberattacks, delivering harmful payloads from known malware families. It has consistently showcased its ability to evolve and resist detection - a clear signal that its development is far from over.


What’s Changing in Ransomware for Asia Pacific: Who, What and How? Sponsored by Akamai

Reuben Koh, Director, Security Technology & Strategy, APJ Akamai and Emily Kong, CISSP, CCSP, Moderator

Despite the growing awareness of ransomware threats and an availability of numerous tools, the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region continues to witness a significant rise in victim companies. In the latest State of the Internet report, Akamai’s threat researchers meticulously examine the evolving ransomware landscape.


Ransomware in the Wild: Lessons Learned Sponsored by IANS

Adrian Sanabria, IANS Faculty and Brandon Dunlap, Moderator

The ransomware scourge continues to plague the cybersecurity industry. To help ensure you and your company are better prepared, we will share insights and lessons learned from ransomware case studies.


This Changes Everything: Ransomware in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Sponsored by Barracuda Networks

Fleming Shi, Chief Technology Officer, Barracuda Networks, Anastasia Hurley, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Barracuda Networks and Yohanna Kho, CISSP, Moderator

Artificial intelligence developers have made huge strides in recent months, transforming a wide variety of human endeavors. Unfortunately, that includes ransomware.


Findings From the 2023 Identity Threat Report, Part 2: Phishing & MFA Bypass Sponsored by F5

Sander Vinberg, Threat Researcher, F5 and Brandon Dunlap, Moderator

Changes in how we build, run and secure information systems have also changed how we look at authentication and access control. The emerging concept of identity is transforming the ways that humans and non-human actors alike make use of data and computing power.


Living In an SEC Material World Sponsored by Auditboard

Shannon Noonan, Founder & CEO, HiNoon, Scott Giordano, VP, Corporate Privacy & General Counsel (former), Sprion LLC, Daniel Goldenberg, Founder & CISO, Seventh Sense Security and Brandon Dunlap, Moderator

Materiality is a focus point of the SEC’s new cybersecurity incident reporting rule. There are clear definitions of what material looks like in finance terms - to your CFO and CEO. The panel discuss steps you can take to define what is material to the cybersecurity of your organization in terms the board of directors and C-suite will understand – and comply with the new rules.


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