The Call for Board Nominations is Now Open!

Are you looking for your next challenge? Consider serving on the ISC2 Board of Directors! The Board is comprised of ISC2-certified cybersecurity professionals from around the world who provide strategic direction, governance, and oversight for ISC2; develop policies and procedures; grant certifications; and enforce the ISC2 Code of Ethics. Board participation is not only an essential part of our corporate governance but also an important professional development and learning opportunity.

Your first step is to self-nominate during the Open Call for Board Nominations, which starts on January 25 and closes on February 22, 2024.

You may have noticed that we’re opening the call for nominations early this year. This is something that the Nominations Committee (a body appointed by the Board to manage the nominations process, comprised of Board members and certified ISC2 members-at-large) has recommended. This early start gives the Nominations Committee more time to score, evaluate and discuss Director applications. Additionally, this allows the ISC2 Board to be organized by by the end of Q3 2024, providing directors and officers with more time to discuss roles and expectations, adjust work schedules and arrange necessary committees.

When does the Board meet?

Each quarter, the Board of Directors meets in person or virtually with ISC2 leadership. Board members also participate in virtual meetings or conference calls throughout the year to attend to committees or other matters.

What makes a good Board candidate?

The Board is looking for versatile candidates with the following qualities:

  1. Prior professional experience (not limited to the cybersecurity field) as laid out in the Board of Directors job description
  2. Governance and strategic planning experience
  3. Geographical expertise
  4. Education, training, and accomplishments
  5. Awards, peer recognitions, social influence, or other thought leadership
  6. Contributions made to ISC2
  7. Explanation of how their involvement as a Director could benefit members

The nomination process

To be considered for the ISC2 Board of Director election, self-nomination applications will need to include:

  • Personal background information
  • Résumé / CV
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A completed questionnaire including how they will provide direction and support for the organization’s strategy

When the call for nominations closes on February 22, all completed applications will be sent to the Nominations Committee for review and scoring. By the end of March, the committee will offer its recommendations for nominees to the entire Board of Directors. Once approved, the recommended nominees are put on the ballot for members to vote on.

Members who participate in the call for nominations, but are not selected, will be notified before the candidates are announced.

Next steps

Serving on the Board of Directors is an amazing way to give back to the ISC2 community, cultivate your leadership skills, enhance your credibility and build relationships. If you’re interested in self-nominating for a Director position, you won’t want to miss the Nominations Committee webinar on February 15 at 1 p.m. ET to learn more and have the opportunity to ask questions. Register here! Additional FAQs are included at

For more information and to begin your self-nomination, find the application at