ISC2 has joined Europe’s EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative and has pledged 2,700 FREE Certified in Cybersecurity Online Self-Paced Training courses and exams for the Deep Tech Talent Initiative.Image of coworkers

ISC2 voluntary commitment to support the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative will focus on university students, recent graduates, career changers and other professionals wishing to expand their skills, helping to build a workforce-ready pipeline of individuals seeking employment within cybersecurity or other Deep Tech industries.

The efforts being made in Europe and across the globe to keep pace with the growing demand for security professionals have, to this point not been enough and have highlighted an increased need for innovative ideas from government and business to draw new talent into the workforce.

There are significant opportunities for individuals with diverse skillsets, seeking information security roles in nearly every industry. Cybersecurity is one of the few sectors that heavily impacts nearly every industry. This provides ample opportunity for those with varied backgrounds to have the chance to get involved in the sector who might never have had those opportunities previously.

By gaining an ISC2 certification and becoming a member, recipients can help companies in the Deep Tech industry manage cybersecurity risk, while building a pathway to a rewarding career in cybersecurity.

In October, 2022, The Deep Tech Talent Initiative , a part of the European Commission’s New European Innovation Agenda, announced the Pledge for Deep Tech Talents . ISC2 support of the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative is geared toward organisations and individuals residing in EU Member States. It is also open to Horizon Europe , a key EU funding programme for research and innovation and EU partner countries.

Uniting public and private organisations, industry representatives and champions, academic partners, education providers, and Member States to support the initiative, the pledge aims to build a workforce-ready pipeline of individuals interested in a career in cybersecurity or other Deep Tech industries in Europe. EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative is driving toward a goal of providing cybersecurity training to one million people in deep tech between 2023 and 2025.

Upon passing the exam, a candidate will become a certified member of ISC2 where they can enjoy access to a full spectrum of resources and exclusive benefits that enable them to expand their skills and continue their professional education providing them valuable skills that employers are looking for. The demand for information and systems security professionals in the EU and around the globe continues to increase. Our ISC2 Workforce Study revealed European demand for cybersecurity professionals stands at 260k, a 12% increase from the previous year.

The EU cybersecurity workforce needs to increase to 29% to close the skills gap. According to the EU participants in our study 69% of those surveyed feel their organisation does not have enough cybersecurity staff to troubleshoot security issues. Smaller organisations are more vulnerable when they have a lack of dedicated, skilled cybersecurity professionals on staff and it puts them at greater risk for a cyber-attack.

This latest commitment from ISC2 comes on the heels of a similar agreement made earlier this year, also with the European Commission. In April ISC2 pledged a minimum of 20,000 Certified in Cybersecurity entry-level certification exam and education programs for free to help address the critical cybersecurity skills gap in Europe and grow the cybersecurity workforce. Geared to career changers, recent graduates and entry- and junior-level cybersecurity practitioners, ISC2 is proud to partner with the European Commission and assert these commitments that prioritize workforce development and create innovative pathways into the sector to address the skills gap.

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