From insurance to open-source software development, ISC2 partnerships embed cybersecurity into businesses through its globally recognized certifications.

ISC2 has recently announced several partnerships as part of an ongoing strategy to broaden the reach and relevance of the cybersecurity profession and ISC2 certifications. These relationships extend beyond the cybersecurity sector to build collective cyber resilience across the entire business ecosystem. Such collaborations also build the relevance of ISC2 certifications and our association, while helping to close the cybersecurity workforce gap.

Who are these partnerships with and why are they important?

ISC2 and Tokio Marine dR

Tokio Marine dR is a subsidiary of Tokio Marine Group, a global insurance group. It sells consultancy services to help organizations manage risk. Tokio Marine dR will provide ISC2’s internationally recognized entry-level Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) certification and instructor-led training to its existing and future cybersecurity insurance clients, insurance agents and business partners. Tokio Marine dR will deliver ISC2’s CC training to its clients and agents as part of its wider strategy to reinforce cyber risk management best practices and boost cybersecurity education across businesses in Japan. Through the provision of the CC program training, Tokio Marine dR aims to reduce cybersecurity risks for its clients by improving cyber risk literacy of those in non-technical roles.

Collaboration with the Linux Foundation and OpenSSF

ISC2, Linux Foundation Training & Certification and the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) have announced a new collaboration to bolster cybersecurity in the open-source community through secure software development, knowledge sharing, education, certification and secure-by-design best practices. This collaboration reflects the importance of software security, including open-source software, to the cybersecurity profession. By using the training and skills development attributes of our certifications, we can bring more of a cybersecurity mindset to the world of software design and production, ensuring that the safety and security of code is at the forefront of development.

ISC2 joins the CREST Community Supporter initiative

We are collaborating with our industry peer CREST on an initiative to build a resilient global cybersecurity profession. The CREST Community Supporter initiative gives organizations with a shared interest in raising standards in the global cyber security industry, a tangible way to support common goals to build capability, capacity, consistency and collaboration. ISC2 is joining the initiative alongside organizations including The Security Institute, the Global Cyber Alliance, the Cyber Threat Alliance, the Global Resilience Federation, the Cloud Security Alliance and the Centre for Internet Security.

What this means for our association

An important focus for ISC2 is to increase recognition of our certifications and the global standard they set. Working with our industry peers and other partners significantly increases marketplace understanding of our certifications and how certified professionals can support organizations and functions that sit alongside core cybersecurity tasks.

Partnerships like these that look to embed cybersecurity skills into organizations to better protect the entire ecosystem and foster enhanced security practices. With more watchers on the walls, it reduces the pressure on already overworked cybersecurity professionals and helps keep us all safer, while improving recognition and relevancy for ISC2 and our whole member ecosystem.