Join Virtual ISC2 Spotlight two-day session September 26-27 on Modernizing Security Operations to earn 5.5 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits for free. This session is the third part of a four-part series of Virtual ISC2 Spotlight events that included previous subjects of Governance, Risk and Compliance and Conversations with Leaders and concludes with the final event on Secure Software Development.

Whether you are an experienced cybersecurity professional managing critical asset or looking to advance in your career, join us on September 26 – 27 for the third part of a four-part series of ISC2 Virtual Spotlight Events where you’ll walk away with timely information and best practices integral to securing your organization.

This upcoming virtual event, Modernizing Security Operations is open to all ISC2 Members, Candidates and Associates to attend for free and earn 5.5 CPE credits. The event takes place live from 10:00 a.m. - 1:05 p.m. Singapore time and will be available on-demand to all registrants.

Take it from one attendee who commented during the last event “This is the second Spotlight that I have attended. I have enjoyed both, both have had great content, and I hope that these will continue."

During this event, experts will take an in-depth look into how to modernize your security operations. They will cover the latest topics including AI and automation, building effective SecOps programs, and how to align security operations with business objectives through effective strategy. During each live session, attendees will be able to ask our experts questions in real-time.

The virtual event agenda begins with a session on “Synergizing Security and Success: Aligning Strategy with Business Objectives” presented by Balaji Kapsikar, CISSP, Head of Technology and Cyber Risk, Funding Societies. In today's digital landscape, companies can't afford to view cybersecurity solely as a technical requirement; instead, it should be treated as an essential business enabler. The session will focus on the importance of integrating cybersecurity measures with overarching business objectives and look at future trends since security and business strategies must be seamlessly intertwined for businesses to be future proof.

The online event continues with a session titled “Detection Lifecycle Management – Managing the Key Input to Security Operations” hosted by Nathan Clarke, Principal Consultant - Security Operations & Threat Intelligence, WiproShelde.

Clarke will speak about the importance of managing detection as a key input to security operations to ensure SECOPS is enabled with determinable alerting, efficient analytics, and effective response outcomes.

Attendees will also learn new perspectives on the capabilities and ethical considerations of utilizing AI in cybersecurity. Hear from Haonan Quan, CISSP, Cyber Engineering Lead, Sompo Holdings on the topic of “Utilizing OpenAI on Red Team & Blue Team Activities.” Key learnings include:

  • Understand how Red Teams can leverage OpenAI for information gathering, weaponization, and advanced exploitation techniques.
  • Explore Blue Team use-cases, including intelligence gathering on APTs and malware, incident response, and log analysis.
  • Examine the use of fine-tuned AI models for specialized security operations, such as phishing email detection and multi-lingual reporting.
  • Demonstrate how OpenAI can facilitate everything from crafting deceptive phishing emails to automating log analysis for threat detection.

Register now for this event for September 26-27 and we think you’ll agree with a Spotlight attendee who said, "I thought the event was run perfectly and would not have changed anything. I think that ISC2 always hosts great events like this and webinars that are above and beyond the other types of professional events that I virtually attend."

The final in the 2023 ISC2 Virtual Spotlight series will be in November and will be focused on the topic of Secure Software Development. Stay tuned for more details.

Each ISC2 Virtual Spotlight event will earn you 5.5 CPE credits, which will be automatically added to your account within two weeks after the live event.