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Despite progress over the years, women represent only 30% of the global cybersecurity workforce. We support the movement, International Women In Cyber Day (IWCD), on September 1, that inspires, supports and recognizes women in cybersecurity globally.

Representation matters and seeing others succeed helps those underrepresented see the potential for themselves to thrive. We asked women to give their perspective on cybersecurity, how it is working in a male-dominated industry, their favorite part of working in cyber, and some of their greatest accomplishments. Their collective responses provide an inspiration for those looking to join the field as shared in our blog ISC2 Listens: Women Working in Cybersecurity.

The mission of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, the charitable arm of ISC2, is to raise awareness, build a diverse pipeline of cybersecurity professionals and advocate for a more secure digital world. Recently, the Center provided a series of educational webinars Women Cyber Leaders Speaker Series aimed at increasing the number of women speakers by inspiring women to raise their hand to speak, improve their session abstract writing and create engaging presentations.

Become inspired and learn more about important women in cybersecurity such as Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, an innovator and trailblazer in software development and standards for testing computer systems and components. Hear from ISC2 Candidate, Nidhi Kannoujia, who is transitioning into a cybersecurity career and inspiring the next generation.

Do your part to encourage more women to join the cybersecurity industry, share this article and connect with others to support women in cybersecurity on social media using the hashtag #IWCD2023.