ISC2 Security Conference is well known for bringing you exciting keynote speakers, informative sessions and workshops that advance or inspire your cybersecurity career. As thought-provoking as these sessions are, this year's event builds upon those experiences to encourage attendees to have conversations that spark innovation and promote idea-sharing. To drive these discussions, we are excited to announce an all-new, interactive experience for on-site attendees joining us in Nashville, TN, this October. Security Congress Confidence

Introducing ISC2 Bright Ideas

ISC2 Bright Ideas is a series of small group discussions that cover various industry-related topics, facilitated by subject matter experts and credentialled cybersecurity professionals. These in-person sessions will inspire lively conversations among you and your peers!

To attend one of these sessions, you'll need to book in advance on the 2023 Congress mobile app, which will be available this fall. However, we couldn't wait that long to tell you about these amazing sessions! (Don't worry, attendees will be notified as soon as the app is available.)

Bright Ideas Sessions

Choose from among nine discussions around the latest cybersecurity trends and topics:

Real-world cybersecurity issues

Elizabeth HouserFrom Compliance to Competence: Rethinking Success and Failure in Cybersecurity
Facilitator: Elizabeth Houser, CISSP, Director, Cyber Defense, DefenseStorm

Measuring success and failure in cybersecurity is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The cyber landscape is riddled with uncertainties, making it crucial to discuss how organizations define and evaluate their cybersecurity successes and failures. This guided discussion will explore perspectives on what constitutes a win or loss in the world of cybersecurity. From technical prowess to human factors, join your peers to exchange ideas on security implementations, board reporting and compelling change in security behavior. 

Kelly HoodExploring Collaborative Strategies to Address Supply Chain Cybersecurity
Facilitator: Kelly Hood, CISSP, EVP and Cyber Security Engineer, Optic Cyber Solutions

In today's complex and interconnected business world, ensuring supply chain cybersecurity requires a collaborative and coordinated approach. This interactive discussion will address the root cause of supply chain cybersecurity failures and provide a forum to share mutual pain points and success stories in reducing third-party cyber risk exposure.

Karen MacdougallAre You Covered? The Impact of Nation-state Cyberattacks on Cyber Insurance Policies
Facilitator: Karen Macdougall, CISSP, CCSP, Information Security Specialist, Broward County Aviation Department

Cyberattacks by nation-state actors are on the rise and are expected to continue given the current geopolitical environment. The most recent financial and supply-chain impact on business continuity and government regulated industries has already resulted in major insurance players excluding catastrophic state-backed attacks from their policies. Join this discussion on what this means for your company seeking cyber insurance coverage in the growing wave of geopolitical cyber risk.

Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

Opal ElRethinking the Value of Security Frameworks in a Rapidly Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape
Facilitator: Opal El, DSc., CISSP, PMP, Information Systems Security Engineer, Capitol Technology University

The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, driven significantly by the exponential growth of artificial intelligence. Are existing cybersecurity frameworks robust enough to keep up with this change or will detect, protect, respond and recover principles stand the test of time? Bring your thoughts, ideas, and pro tips to this timely discussion and learn from your peers about how to stay ahead of emerging threats. 

Neelam ChailiaPrivacy Versus Convenience: Striking the Right Balance in an AI-driven Age
Facilitator: Neelam Chalia, Senior Technical Program Manager, T-Mobile

Artificial intelligence continues to dramatically reshape the way we live and work, blurring the lines between privacy and convenience. Enter a thought-provoking dialogue with your peers as we discuss how to safeguard personal information online while embracing the positive impact of AI-driven advancements.

Professional development

Parul KhannaFiltering Out the Noise: Maintaining Your Professional Knowledge in a Chaotic World
Parul Khanna, CCSP, CISSP, Director, Information Security, Manulife

Keeping up to date with the latest cyber industry news and changes is challenging when you're juggling both work and family responsibilities. When was the last time you carved out time outside your 9-to-5 job to read an article, listen to a podcast or participate in training to expand your professional knowledge? Join your peers to share and discuss techniques and resources to help you stay relevant in your career.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dwan JonesLori Ross ONeilRecruiting and Retention Strategies to Cultivate a Diverse Cyber Workforce 
Facilitators: Dwan Jones, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at ISC2; Lori Ross O'Neil, CISSP, Cyber Security Researcher & Technical Project Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

To build strong, diverse and well-staffed cybersecurity teams, recruiters, employers and the cybersecurity profession must make cybersecurity an inclusive and welcoming career for everyone. In this interactive discussion, you'll have the opportunity to actively share and learn from your industry peers. You will come away from this session with actionable best practices for recruiting, hiring and retaining a diverse talent pool in your organization.

Paying it forward

Alisha WencExploring The Power of Mentorship and Networking
Facilitator: Alisha Wenc, Associate Program Director, Center for Cyber Safety and Education

The power of networking and mentorship, whether you are the mentor or the mentee, cannot be underestimated when it comes to career advancement. What are the best ways to go about expanding your network, especially if this doesn't come easy to you? How do you find a mentor? How do you set up a mentorship program? Whether you're a networking pro or just a beginner, bring your ideas and questions to this discussion and learn from each other how to grow your network.

Protecting Vulnerable Groups Against Cyber Criminals  
Facilitator: Alisha Wenc, Associate Program Director, Center for Cyber Safety and Education

In collaboration with the Center for Cyber Safety & Education, we'll examine best practices for empowering tweens, teens, parents and seniors to protect themselves in the digital age. Bring your ideas to share and insights to inspire others to learn safe cybersecurity practices and how to be Safe and Secure Online. Learn about volunteering with the Center as a Safe and Secure Online presenter.  

Registering for Bright Ideas sessions

Registration for Bright Ideas sessions is only available on the 2023 ISC2 Security Congress mobile app, coming soon. As this is an in-person event, you will need to be attending ISC2 Security Congress in Nashville, Tennessee, to participate; there is no virtual option.

Since these are small group sessions, they're bound to fill up fast! Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for notice of the 2023 ISC2 Security Congress app launch. Once you download, you'll be able to see all of this year's events, activities and more! Be sure to select your session and register as soon as the app is available if you want to be part of the inaugural Bright Ideas sessions!