May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the contributions and legacies of individuals of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. While the month is usually celebrated with an emphasis on groups in the United States, at ISC2, we want to uplift the diverse Asian and Pacific Islander communities across the globe. In honor of this year’s theme, “Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity,” we’ve put together a list of inspiring Asian pioneers who are making a big impact in the cybersecurity space.  

Raj Samani 
Raj Samani is a computer security expert who is the Chief Scientist for cybersecurity firm Rapid7, which equips businesses with tools and services to identify security threats. A well-respected voice in the cybersecurity community, he co-authored the book, "Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid," and has written extensively on the subject of cybercrime and online security. Samani previously assisted several law enforcement agencies with cybercrime cases and is a special advisor to the European Cybercrime Centre in The Hague. He has received numerous honors for his contributions to the computer security industry including the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame, Peter Szor Award, and Intel Achievement Award.  

Dr. Vivy Suhendra 
Dr. Vivy Suhendra is the Program Director at the NUS School of Computing in Singapore and served as the Executive Director of the Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium for over six years. Dr. Suhendra is responsible for program planning and development and has spent years facilitating relationships between academia, industry, and government in the field of cybersecurity. She is a respected leader and frequent expert panelist where she uses her technical knowledge to weigh in on the latest cybersecurity solutions and innovations. 

Takeshi Idezawa 
Takeshi Idezawa is the CEO of LINE, a social media and messaging app that is extremely popular in Japan and Southeast Asia. Idezawa has been instrumental in developing LINE's cybersecurity strategy and has worked to ensure the safety and security of LINE's millions of users. He has given numerous speeches, public addresses, and seminars on data protection, and routinely informs the app’s users on measures being taken to safeguard their data.   

There are so many talented individuals of Asian or Pacific Islander descent working in the cybersecurity field who are ushering in new innovations and solutions to modern security threats.