Ransomware is the number one cyberthreat organizations today…so get prepared to fight back with five webinars that can give you a technical and competitive advantage.

By Joe Fay


When ransomware is declared the number one global cyber threat by organizations such as the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), security professionals might be forgiven for feeling o


With that in mind, how do you start refining your ransomware protection strategy? Here are five ISC2 webinars that will help you understand the nature of the t

hreat, minimize the chances of your systems being attacked, and leave you better placed to recover if they are.

Ransomware, Ransom-war and Ran-some-where

For up-to-date insight into just how the criminal organizations behind ransomware operate and a primer on how to defend yourself against their attacks, dive into this session with James McQuiggan, CISSP, security awareness advocate at KnowBe4. This session will give you an inside view into the tactics, techniques, and procedures of various criminal groups, including those who provide ransomware as a service.


The Reason Why Ransomware is Really HEATing Up

So how did we get here? Unsurprisingly, the pandemic played a big part, with cybercriminals taking advantage of the fact many business users are spending most of their working day accessing work resources in a browser that also accesses unmanaged sites. In this session, Menlo Security’s David Marshall, CISSP, explains how this creates opportunities for Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats and what you can do to freeze them out.


Your Ransomware Hostage Rescue Guide

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the bad guys will break through your defenses. So, what should you do when the worst happens? In this webinar Erich Kron, CISSP and security awareness advocate at KnowBe4 shows you how to work out whether you’ve been infected and cover the essential “now what?” questions and answers that will help you minimize the damage.


Ransomware Resilience: Build a Holistic Data Protection Strategy

Ultimately cybercriminals and ransomware gangs are after your data. Protect your data properly, and even if the bad guys break into your systems, you stand a much better chance of avoiding cataclysmic disruption AND paying a ransom. This session, with IANS Faculty’s Bryson Bort, talks you through different backup strategies, shows you how to use multiple methods to monitor your data and alert you to potential theft, and how to minimize lateral movement by attackers.


Ransomware Crisis Simulation with You in Control

It might feel like nothing can prepare for the gut-wrenching stress of a ransomware attack. Well, this session might. Wayne Pruitt, Cyber Security Trainer at Cyberbit and Cyberbit CMO Sharon Rosenman walk you through a live simulation of a ransomware attack, highlighting the critical decisions you will have to make as you investigate, and eradicate, the attack.