BUiLTAs part of its expanded diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiative, ISC2 and its partner, BUiLT (Blacks United in Leading Technology, Inc.), are releasing four new toolkits aimed at increasing the number of Black and underrepresented professionals entering, staying and advancing in the cybersecurity profession. 

“Diversity continues to lag in the tech and cyber industries – and in order to meet the workforce gap head on, we need to create racial equity by helping the Black community explore new career possibilities within these fields,” said Peter Beasley, executive director and chairman of the board, BUiLT. “Partnering with ISC2 encourages a shift we need – to convert, train and educate adults already in the workforce to meet the open roles in the tech and cyber industries.

”The Top Ten Series powered by BUiLT kicks off with four toolkits, available on the ISC2 DEI Resource Center. Each toolkit provides tips and actionable steps for professionals at different stages of their career who are looking to work in the cybersecurity field. 

  • How to Get into Cyber provides strategies to help young professionals from diverse backgrounds break into the cybersecurity industry. Whether you have a college degree or a non-traditional education, you can leverage your skills to secure opportunities in the field. 
  • How to Stay and Advance in Cybersecurity equips those already working in cyber with the knowledge to excel and advance in their career. Through training, determination and professional networking, you can build your career and launch yourself into new leadership roles. 
  • The Student Pathways Guide provides resources for students and recent graduates to help them land their first role in cybersecurity. If you’re a student unsure of how to break into the field, this guide provides concrete strategies for you to employ. 
  • The Switching Roles into Cybersecurity Guide helps you assess whether a move into cybersecurity is the right step for your career. Dive deep into your passions and explore what technical or non-technical roles in the field best suit your interests.

These guides and more resources can be viewed and downloaded on the ISC2 DEI Resource Center.