The UK Cyber Security Council, the self-regulatory body for the UK's cyber security profession, today announced the commencement of a pilot project to award professional standards titles to cybersecurity professionals, up to Chartered status.

ISC2 is one of two bodies, along with CIISec, that has been selected by the Council to assess applications from cybersecurity professionals to be placed on the register and to be awarded one of three professional title levels. For ISC2 members, it means we will be able to process member applications and determine on the Council’s behalf which of the three professional titles the member is eligible for based on experience, professional background, certifications and other industry qualifications.

The three professional titles aligned to the Council’s Professional Standards Pilot Program can be assigned to applying professionals who are added to the register, based on factors including experience, professional development and demonstrable capability:

  • Associate
  • Principal
  • Chartered

What is Chartered Status?

Chartered status is a mark of professional competency awarded by chartered professional bodies and authorized learned societies. Chartered status originates from royal charters issued to professional bodies in the UK by the British Monarch. Today in the UK, chartered titles are awarded by institutions that have been incorporated under royal charter, with the permission of the Privy Council. The UK Cyber Security Council was awarded a royal charter by the Privy Council at the end of 2021.

Why is the Council Doing This?

The Council has announced this pilot program and enlisted ISC2 and CIISec as part of a longer-term aim to create a universally recognized standard for cybersecurity professionals. The intention is that it will provide an additional layer of confidence and benchmarking – alongside professional certifications – of a UK-based cybersecurity professional’s skills and competencies. While it is a UK scheme, the titles and what they stand for will be globally recognized. Applicants to the pilot program will be judged against the Council’s professional standard and must show evidence of their ability and industry experience, aligned with a specific specialism. For the pilot, these specialisms are:

  • Cyber Security Governance and Risk Management
  • Secure System Architecture and Design

The professional titles being awarded as part of the pilot project have been determined to recognize the depth of experience and expertise of an applying (ISC)² member or other qualified cybersecurity professional. In addition, the three title titles form the basis for a industry-wide career recognition pathway that previously did not exist in the cybersecurity space. Other Chartered professions, such as engineering, accountancy, law and public relations already benefit from a similar approach to professional titles that define a career advancement path.

More details on the minimum qualifications needed to obtain one of the Council’s professional titles can be found here.