Misinformation is dangerous. It not only leads to wrong decision-making, it can cost you money. ISC2 certifications are highly regarded in cybersecurity, and you’ll find many training companies out there offering exam prep. But beware of the myths — not all providers are equally qualified to help you prepare for ISC2 certification. Check the facts before signing up.

1. Is all ISC2 certification training endorsed by ISC2? NO!

If you do a Google search for ISC2 certification training – especially CISSP –  you’ll come across pages and pages of companies promising to help you pass the exam. You might assume ISC2 endorses all of them but that’s not the case — we only work with select education partners worldwide. ISC2 Official Training Partners are required to have their instructors to undergo a strict verification process and hold the credential they teach. If you’re unsure whether a provider is officially endorsed, search the ISC2 Official Training Partners webpage or look for the Official Training Partner or International Academic Program logos.

2. Can everyone provide exam vouchers with training? NO!

Candidates be warned: some unauthorized trainers employ dubious tactics, offering exam vouchers to unsuspecting individuals. For example, they may ask for your Pearson VUE password or offer exam vouchers as part of a training bundle. Never disclose your credentials — it violates the terms of your ISC2 Non-Disclosure Agreement, putting your certification or exam qualification at risk. Only ISC2 and our Official Training Partners are authorized to offer exam vouchers with exam prep, and we will never ask you to disclose your password.

3. Can trainers guarantee ISC2 certification exam pass rates? NO!

Many trainers make false claims, guaranteeing high exam pass rates. The fact is, no one knows the exact questions on the exam, and no one can guarantee a pass rate. That’s because ISC2 certification exams are constantly updated to reflect evolving needs in cybersecurity. Also know that ISC2 does not disclose pass-rate information to training providers — not even to our authorized partners. To help assure you’re ready on exam day, thoroughly study the topics covered in each of the credential’s domains.

Know the Facts

One way ISC2 Official Training Partners set you up for success is by teaching with courseware that reflects the certification’s Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®). Because ISC2 is the creator of the CISSP CBK®, our authorized educators always have access to the most current course materials. Only ISC2 and our Official Training Partners offer Official ISC2 Courseware.

Exams for ISC2 certifications, including CISSP, are experienced-based assessments. They require not only the knowledge but the judgement that comes with years of practice in the field. Official education provides an in-depth review of the concepts covered in the exam outline. It helps you strengthen your critical thinking skills so you can apply your real-world knowledge during the exam.

Remember, passing the exam isn’t the only goal at stake. ISC2 is here to support you beyond the initial preparation by providing continuing professional education and opportunities to contribute your knowledge back to your peers.

Whether you choose Official Online Instructor-Led Training, Official Online Self-Paced Training or Classroom-Based Training, making decisions using reliable knowledge will help make the journey toward ISC2 certification a positive one. Always know the facts!