CISSPThe CISSP is often cited as a tough exam, due to the broad range of information tested, and whilst that may be true it can lead some people to think that they cannot achieve such a lofty goal. However, this is simply not true. If you look past this perception, you will discover that you can build a bridge to the CISSP credential whatever your lifestyle or learning preference, and wherever you are in your cybersecurity career

What Makes You A Good Fit

People who come to CISSP have a variety of backgrounds, experiences and live all over the world. Some have decades of experience and come seeking a new challenge, others have  just the minimum 5 years of experience needed to be able to qualify to hold the CISSP designation and are looking to enhance their career opportunities, and some join as an associate and build their experience after they have passed their exam.

In our recent research publication, The Cybersecurity Career Pursuers Study, we saw that transitioning from IT (55%) is the most common pathway into the industry, followed by transitioning from another field (21%). Military veterans and the law enforcement community are prime areas for recruiting cybersecurity professionals, and represent nearly a third of professionals in that study.

The industry attracts people who enjoy problem solving, who like to work in a continuously evolving field where there is high demand for personnel, who want opportunities to advance their knowledge and careers in an industry geared to helping others.

One of the greatest strengths of all cybersecurity professionals is the love of hands-on involvement. Maybe you are a person who has built many labs, and even accomplished some outstanding successes with things like bug bounty programs, or “Capture the Flag” competitions, but you may not have the formal experience to complete the endorsement process for full CISSP status.

Don’t Have The Experience?

Not having the requisite 5 years of paid experience should not discourage you from studying and subsequently sitting for the CISSP exam. The CISSP path offers an associate program where you can complete the formal experience qualification after successfully passing the exam.

Through the Associate of ISC 2 program, you can take the CISSP exam prior to attaining the required work experience. When you pass, you become an Associate of ICS2 as you work to gain the necessary experience to achieve full certification. Along the way, you receive exclusive ICS2 resources to help you learn, grow, and thrive throughout your journey.

By indicating that you are an “Associate of ISC 2” on your resume, you stand out to those who are seeking a dedicated employee in the cybersecurity world.

Enjoy Structured Learning?

Many learners use a variety of methods to build their cybersecurity knowledge in readiness for undertaking the exam. Be it the official training offered and undertaken as a workplace team or other instructor led program.

Prefer Working At Your Own Pace?

For those whose schedule  just doesn’t permit the time to attend formal training, self-study may be the best method. ICS2 offers the official training materials to anyone who wants them, with no time-pressure.

Some people who are busy with work, and family obligations, can take all the time they need to study before registering for the exam. Of course, this is such a dynamic field that , one should take care not to take so long studying that the material you are using is superseded by revised content and you are still working on the old information. However, should that happen, you will be in good company, as all members of ISC 2 are required refresh their reference sources to keep their knowledge current. In this way, the certification is similar to many other professional organizations.

Another official avenue of study exists as well; self-paced online training. The Official ISC 2 CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) Training Seminar is the most comprehensive review of information security concepts and industry best practices and covers every domain of the CISSP CBK.

This course must be completed within 180 days. It is perfect for someone who enjoys solitary study, yet does not want a textbook-only approach.

Build Your Bridge

CISSP remains our most in-demand certification. If you have ever considered pursuing the CISSP credential, there is a rich variety of options available, where you can find one that suits your individualized needs. In our webinar, CISSP: The Time is Now, we explore several different situations often faced by those wanting to pursue or develop a career in cybersecurity. No matter what your experience, situation, or learning style you can find the right route towards achieving this highly sought-after certification.

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