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(ISC)² Nomination Committee

Committee Charter

This committee is established to seek out qualified candidates for the Board, Board Officers and Center Trustees. Responsibilities of the committee include:

  1. Evaluate candidates as to their experience, intent, availability and desire to serve.
  2. Present a board slate for review and approval by the board.
  3. Assist the Center for Cyber Safety and Education by recommending a slate of Trustees.
  4. Oversee the Board director and Board officer election processes.
  5. Once elections are completed and results are known, notify all candidates and the board of prevailing candidates.
  6. Regularly review and ensure Board director and officer job descriptions are up-to-date and accurate.
  7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Board Chair associated with ensuring a full slate.

Committee Members

Jill Slay, CISSP, Vice Chair Board of Directors – Committee Chair (Australia)
James Packer, CISSP, CCSP, Secretary Board of Directors (United Kingdom)
Laurie-Anne Bourdain, CISSP, Board of Directors (Belgium)
Nalneesh Gauer, CISSP-ISSAP, Board of Directors (United States)
Rachel Guinto, CISSP, Board of Directors (Canada)
Lori Ross O’Neil, CISSP, Board of Directors (United States)
Freddy Tan, CISSP (Singapore)
Trevor Louis, CISSP (United Kingdom)
Lee Kim, CISSP (United States)
Neha Malhotra, CISSP, CCSP (Singapore)
Stephen Cudjoe-Seshie, CISSP (Ghana)

Contact The Committee

Members, associates, candidates and others can contact the (ISC)2 Nomination Committee by completing the form below.