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Advocacy – Promoting the Cybersecurity Profession

Your Voice in the Industry

(ISC)² works hard to represent our membership of cybersecurity professionals every day as we collectively work toward achieving our vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world.

Advocacy at (ISC)² takes on many forms, including:

  • Informing the public about how our members make them safer every day
  • Leading and participating in marque industry events to promote the profession and facilitate best-practice sharing
  • Encouraging students to join the workforce and better understand the opportunities a career in cybersecurity offers them
  • Informing government agencies, ministries and policy-makers worldwide about the necessity of a competent, growing cybersecurity workforce
  • Educating the media on the issues facing the cybersecurity workforce and its role in defending our economy, data, infrastructure and all our critical assets
  • Researching the challenges and opportunities we face as a profession and proposing solutions for our most critical issues, such as growing and attracting a competent and diverse workforce
  • Building awareness about cybersecurity as a rewarding, enriching and attainable career
  • Partnering with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education to promote awareness for online safety with children and seniors, as well as awarding cybersecurity scholarship assistance to make the profession more accessible to deserving students
  • Collaborating with universities focused on educating the future cybersecurity workforce, as well as nonprofits and other organizations introducing veterans, women, minorities and other under-represented populations to cybersecurity careers
  • Celebrating the success and achievements of cybersecurity professionals through our Global Achievement Awards
  • Providing valuable security education to non-cybersecurity professionals

Leading Through Action

We are dedicated to tirelessly promoting the value and critical contributions certified cybersecurity professionals provide to governments, enterprises, healthcare providers, educational institutions and organizations of all sizes around the world. Our Squared is There campaign is one example of how we are building awareness for our members and associates, and the value they bring to our connected world.


We all enjoy the convenience, access and freedom that our connected world brings us. But with all this comes added risk. Almost every week, we wake up to news of another cyberattack. And while no one can prevent every risk, thankfully there are certified cybersecurity experts out there – in every industry – working to safeguard our data.

Giving Back

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education is the association’s non-profit charitable trust. Its vision is to make the cyber world a safer place for everyone, and the Center does so through award-winning educational programs developed by (ISC)² members. The Center provides (ISC)² members with tools to make a real impact in their local community. It is through this member support and partnership that all of us can change the online behavior of friends, families and neighbors to make the cyber world a safer place. The Center also grants cybersecurity scholarships to deserving students, veterans and women.

Learn more and get involved at

Revealing Solutions

We need to grow the global cybersecurity workforce by 145% to eliminate a talent gap of more than 4 million professionals, according the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study. This annual study provides an in-depth look at better understanding the barriers facing the cybersecurity profession and uncovering strategies that organizations can use to recruit, build and strengthen their cybersecurity teams. It provides insights on these talented individuals who are excelling in this profession, securing their organizations’ critical assets and advancing in their careers.

Providing Workforce Commentary on CNBC and PBS

CNBC’s Help Wanted series included (ISC)² cybersecurity workforce statistics and CEO David Shearer was interviewed on camera for PBS’s Nightly Business Report to preview the new Cybersecurity Workforce Study data.

Learn more about the study and other valuable industry research here.

Educating the Future Workforce

(ISC)² works with academic and higher education institutions around the world to support their cybersecurity curriculum development, teaching and course creation initiatives for cyber, information, infrastructure and software security. Developed to equip graduates and academic staff with much-needed cybersecurity skills, this program provides access to the professional knowledge maintained by (ISC)²’s certified membership of practicing professionals.

Learn more about the (ISC)² International Academic Program.

Influencing Progress

(ISC)² engages lawmakers at all levels of government to help inform sound cybersecurity policy and advocate for a strong, diverse workforce. The association is actively involved with helping nations and institutions around the world incorporate cybersecurity certifications and other professional development pathways into their operations, frameworks and guidance provided to organizations throughout the public and private sectors.

Testifying Before Congress

(ISC)² was invited to testify before a Congressional subcommittee on “Growing and Diversifying the Cyber Talent Pipeline.” COO Wesley Simpson provided insights from the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study and (ISC)² Women in Cybersecurity Study, and proposed solutions to recruit and increase opportunities for minority groups within our industry.

Enabling Professionals

The association works closely with those on the frontline of cybersecurity and cyber defense, including government agencies and law enforcement responsible for protecting our critical assets and investigating cybercrime.

(ISC)² and Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Form Alliance to Support Japanese Cybersecurity

The increase in global cybercrime is leading law enforcement agencies to augment their traditional tactics and toolsets to include cybersecurity expertise. By encouraging members of its agency to earn the CISSP certification, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is ensuring that its staff has the requisite skills to understand, investigate and prosecute cybercrime.

Celebrating Success

To celebrate and build awareness for the outstanding achievements of cybersecurity professionals around the world, our Global Achievement Awards recognize individuals whose excellence and leadership have significantly advanced the cybersecurity industry and who have made a difference in this ever-evolving profession.

Learn more and help celebrate these outstanding professionals here.