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CSSLP® - Why Should I Get the CSSLP Certification?

The Benefits of CSSLP Certification to the Professional

Many organizations have adopted the CSSLP as the preferred credential to convey one’s expertise on security in the software development lifecycle. In today's interconnected world, security must be included within each phase of the software lifecycle. The CSSLP CBK® contains the largest, most comprehensive, collection of best practices, policies, and procedures, to ensure a security initiative across all phases of application development, regardless of methodology.

This world-class certification provides its holder:

  • Validation of their status as a leader in application security.
  • (ISC)² membership – A global community of more than 80,000 of information security's brightest professionals.

The Benefits of Certification to the Enterprise

  • Efficient Work Practices: The “penetrate and patch” approach to application development has proven to be deficient. Higher production costs, additional vulnerabilities, and substantial delays have resulted.
  • Cost Savings: Proper education and certification are far less expensive than the loss of revenue and reputation from a breach to data, intellectual property, or highly secure information due to delivering or acquiring insecure software.
  • Greater Creditability: Establishing a security initiative in the software development lifecycle will reduce these risks.

The CSSLP Education Program and CBT exam not only gauge an individual or development team’s competency in the field of application security but, teaches a valuable blueprint to install or evaluate a security plan in the lifecycle.   



Learn why Joe feels that CSSLP is the cutting edge approach to advising and helping to lead software development teams.