Voucher Program

Save Money and Manage Your Training Budget with Ease

The (ISC)² Voucher Program allows organizations to purchase seats for (ISC)² CBK® Training Seminars and examinations in bulk quantity at a significantly lower cost. In fact, the more vouchers you purchase, the deeper the discounts for our training programs.  And, these vouchers can be purchased well in advance of using them. They’re transferable to anybody within your organization, so you can use them when you need them, for whomever you specify. (ISC)² vouchers are valid throughout the country and around the world. A voucher recipient can use the voucher for any worldwide public event, be it onsite or privately hosted. 

Advantages of the Voucher Program  

  • Vouchers are good for significant discounts off standard prices of training.
  • One purchase significantly reduces delays, paperwork, and cost by giving the manager control over the dissemination of vouchers.
  • Vouchers are good for one year so candidates have the time to select a training seminar based on schedule and convenience.
  • Closed/private training and certification events can be provided by grouping vouchers.
  • Since vouchers are identified by numbers, they’re transferable within an organization. If a potential candidate no longer pursues certification, the voucher can be reassigned to someone else.
  • Purchasing vouchers directly through (ISC)² ensures that your employees will receive their education from an (ISC)² Authorized Instructor.

Purchase Vouchers now by calling +1.866.462.4777 (toll-free in North America only) or +1.703.891.6781 outside the United States.