Board of Trustees

The Center Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the educational, research and scholarship programs are available throughout the 160 countries in which ISC2 members maintain a presence. The Trustees are entrusted to grow the global scope of the Center’s mission.


The role of a Trustee is to serve as a trusted advocate of the Center, to promote the values and mission of the organization, and most importantly, to ensure the Center has the resources it needs to achieve the important mission of empowering people to secure their online life with education and awareness programs in the global community.


Fundraising responsibilities:

  • Establish fundraising objectives, policies, and plans
  • Continually assess, analyze, and evaluate fundraising programs and strategic objectives
  • Review, authorize and execute fundraising campaigns
  • Set examples to prospective donors by annually giving following the give-get requirements
  • Identify, qualify, and cultivate prospective donors through existing and new relationships
  • Open doors, make introductions for the Center fundraising staff Oversight responsibilities:
  • Participation as a member of the Center’s governing body
  • Set organizational policy, establish direction, and set short- and longterm goals
  • Ensure fiscal integrity and financial health of the organization
  • Representing the organization in the community, and representing the community in the organization
  • Promote the organization, build awareness, and sustain the public’s perception of the organization
  • Uphold ethics of the organization to highest standards
  • Ensure the activities of the Center are in line with the vision of ISC2 and in compliance with federal tax regulation governing charitable organizations

Appointment to the Board of Trustees follows the traditional give-get model for charitable organizations. Each Trustee will be responsible for giving or getting (through fundraising) $10,000 USD each year serving. Trustees will also be responsible for any travel and personal expenses incurred in service of the board and meeting attendance.

ISC2 Membership Requirement


Skills Required

To be an effective advocate of the organization, each Trustee should be intimately familiar with the organization and its mission, goals, and activities during service on the board. Trustees should participate in any activities, formal or informal, which will better their understanding of the organization’s activities. This includes requirements for maintaining meaningful communication both internally with other Trustees, with the management of the organization, and with the ISC2 Board of Directors and/or ISC2 Management.


An orientation is held with new trustee members.

Time Requirement

Meetings of the Trustees will be held upon call of the Trustee Chairman. A minimum of one in-person meeting is required annually, and additional meetings should be scheduled quarterly or more frequently and may be conducted in-person or by web or phone conferencing. Trustees are required to attend at least one in person meeting annually and are expected to attend at least 75% of the total scheduled meetings each year.

Travel Requirement

A minimum of one in-person meeting is required annually.

Start/End Date

Three-year term begins upon nomination acceptance by the Board of Trustees.


CPE Credit(s)

Group B, 1 CPE per hour of work

CPE Submission Process

Self-submit via Member Portal

  • Category: Contributions to the Profession
  • Choose: Board Services for a Professional Organization


  • Earn CPE credits
  • Add experience to your resume/CV
  • Collaborating with likeminded professionals

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