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Testing and Assessment

studISCope Self Assessment and Exam Simulator Tool

Are you trying to decide if certification is the right path for you? Do you have experience in information security? Maybe you’ve been building your career over several years but you’re not sure that you possess the level of knowledge you need to pass either the CISSP®, CSSLP®, CAP® or SSCP® certification examination.

The (ISC)² studISCope Self Assessment lets you experience the official CISSP, CSSLP, CAP or SSCP certification exams as closely as possible before you take them. Work through the 50 SSCP exam questions offered by the studISCope Self Assessment, or the 100 CISSP, CSSLP, or CAP exam questions. Experience the look and feel of the real exam, and get your score based on the official algorithm used in the real exam to assess your readiness for certification.  

studISCope will not only score your exam, but analyze your answers and prepare a personalized study plan that highlights the areas where you would perform well and identifies the topics you may need help learning or reviewing.

studISCope Benefits to You:  

  • In-depth personalized reporting and learning progress indicators
  • Performance trend reports that track your learning progress
  • A report that provides insight into your knowledge base strengths and weaknesses
  • A Readiness Gauge that pinpoints your level in the domain/knowledge areas

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