Secure Software Practitioner Suites

Secure Software Practitioner Suites

Build Better Software. Train Your Team to Develop Secure Code.

The Secure Software Practitioner Suites provide organizations and their development teams with the skills needed to write more secure software code, reduce vulnerabilities and enhance the overall security posture of an organization's software products.

The suites are comprised of a series of on-demand learning courses that teach foundational elements of software security and language-specific secure coding. Each suite of courses caters to specific roles, breaking down the learning so users efficiently learn only what they need. Following the courses, users validate their skills by passing an (ISC)² certificate exam.

Available suites include:

 Secure Software Practitioner -.NET Secure Software Practitioner - Java
 Secure Software Practitioner - Mobile  Secure Software Practitioner - PHP

Earning the Secure Software Practitioner Badge

Each of the Secure Software Practitioner Suites includes a total of five on-demand learning courses. The first four learning courses are identical for each suite with the fifth learning course being language specific. Courses are outlined below:

Courses 1-4:

  • Secure Software Concepts
  • Secure Software Design
  • Secure Software Coding
  • OWASP Top 10

Course 5: Defending language-specific code of choice:

  • Defending Java
  • Defending .NET
  • Defending PHP
  • Defending Mobile

For more information and to get started today, visit the Security Compass website.The learning courses can be completed in approximately five hours. Following the courses, candidates will have 90 minutes to complete a 60-question, multiple choice exam delivered online via Pearson Vue. Once the candidate passes, they will have earned the Secure Software Practitioner badge.

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