ISC2 Members

Our Members

Our members represent an elite, global network of dedicated information security professionals – preeminent experts in their field - who have committed themselves to the highest ethical standards and best practices.

Our members are:

  • Chief security officers
  • Chief technology officers
  • Chief information officers
  • Security managers
  • Systems engineers
  • Systems integrators
  • Chief risk officers
  • Systems and network administrators

They work for governments and well-known, highly respected companies around the world. Through their certification, they have demonstrated superior competency and devoted themselves to making the cyber world a safer place for all. They play a vital role not only in the organizations they serve but in society. Without them, our critical infrastructures would go unprotected and we wouldn’t be as safe.

As organizations are increasingly recognizing information security as imperative, (ISC)² members are in greater demand than ever before.

Our mission is to support these valuable, highly skilled professionals throughout their careers by providing them with industry information, vast networking and collaboration opportunities and professional development tools.

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