Asia-Pacific ISLA™ Showcased Projects and Honorees

2015 Showcased Projects

Information Security Practitioner Category Showcased Honoree: Do-Hoon Kim, CISSP, CISA Manager/ DB Security Consulting Team, KSign (Korea)
Showcased Project: Childcare's Information Security Education Pioneer in Korea

Mr. Kim has been working as an information security project manager for more than 10 years, and has past experience in virus analysis, and network as well as server security in the field of information security. Mr. Kim started working with the (ISC)2 Korea Chapter in 2006 and has been providing information and guidance to CISSPs, and potential CISSPs, as well as exam applicants. He received awards from the (ISC)² Korea Chapter in 2009 and 2014 for his work in the chapter. Mr. Kim has been working on the only information security project for children in Korea to provide information security education to as many children as possible. Mr. Kim will also be leading the information security education for disadvantaged people in Korea.

Manager Professional for an Information Security Project Category Showcased Honoree: Kana Shinoda, BLUE Inc Representative, CODE BLUE Founder, APWG Conference Manager and Eastern Asia Liaison (Japan)
Showcased Project: Code Blue

Ms. Kana Shinoda had various experiences in system administration, tech support, security research, and new business development when she worked for Proceed Inc., Turbolinux Japan Co., Ltd., and Neoteny Inc.. In 2005, she was asked to work for Black Hat to lead the Japan operation, and was in charge of it for four years. After that, she worked for APWG as a conference manager and as an Asia Liaison after 2008. In 2013, she founded an annual Security Conference named "CODE BLUE ( in Japan. Ms. Shinoda is now the owner of BLUE Inc. and she graduated from college in the U.S.A majoring in Computer Science.

Senior Information Security Professional Category Showcased Honoree: Dr. Seung-Hun Jin, Managing Director, ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), Korea
Showcased Project: To Lead Cybersecurity Core Technology for FinTech

Dr. Jin has worked in ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) since 1999 and shown his ability as a specialist in information security for 16 years. In particular, Dr. Jin has been leading R&D projects on the National PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) system, Internet identity management system, smart wallet and privacy enhancing technologies promoted by government to pave the way for online privacy protections and to ensure the security and work. In addition, Dr. Jin contributed to training and education for the information security human resources as a professor of the Department of information security at University of Science & Technology which aims to foster highly qualified R&D professionals in the field of new convergence technology through on-site R&D education distinguished from other R&D institutes.

Community Service Star: Yoshiki Sugiura, CSIRT Evangelist, NTT-CERT/NTT DATA INTELLILINK Corporation, Japan
Showcased Project: CSIRT Performance Building

Mr.Sugiura has over 10 years of software development experience in a software company (1985-1998). Mr. Sugiura also has a diverse background as a security professional. He worked as a manager at JPCERT/CC from 1998 to 2002, and has built strong relationships with other CSIRTs, and supported the founding of APCERT (Asian Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team). He has organized NTT-CERT and currently works for two CSIRTs, NTT-CERT and IL-CSIRT. NTT-CERT is the CSIRT for NTT Group, which is the largest telecommunication company in Japan. IL-CSIRT is NTT DATA Intellilink Corporation's internal CSIRT, which is a subsidiary of NTT DATA Group. He has almost 17 years of experience in IT security and CSIRTs. He was a founding member of Nippon CSIRT Association (NCA), the largest CSIRT community in Japan, and has been a steering committee member of NCA. He is also an Educational Committee member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) and has been in the FIRST community for 15 years. He is a guest researcher at Meiji University. He is studying CSIRT(s) from the perspective of social theory, social psychology, business administration and team building.

2015 Honorees

In the information security practitioner category:

  • Jun Chen, CISSP, IT staff, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (China)
  • Ricky Chung, CISSP, CISM, SABSA, Senior Principal Consultant - Security Architect, Security Major - Global Consulting Group (Australia)
  • Kin Man Eric Fan, Head of Technical Development, UDomain Web Hosting Company Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  • Do-Hoon Kim, CISSP, CISA, Manager / DB Security Consulting Team, KSign (Korea)
  • Frankie Li, CISSP, Security Researcher, Dragon Threat Labs (Hong Kong)
  • TsoJen Liu, SSCP, GPEN, GWAPT, Director, Onward Security Corporation (Taiwan)
  • Dengke Mi, CISSP, CIO, Eisoo (China)
  • Sunt-tanarit Prapassaraporn, Associate of (ISC)², GPEN, OSCP, Assistant Consulting Manager, ACIS Professional Center Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
  • Frankie Wong, CISSP, Security Analyst, HKCERT (Hong Kong)
  • Watcharaphon Wongaphai, CISSP, SSCP, GIAC GCIH, Information Security Consultant Manager, ACIS Professional Center Co., Ltd. (Thailand)


In the managerial professional for information security project(s) category:


  • Hon. Nebuchadnezzar S. Alejandrino, Chief, Management Information System Service, Department of National Defense (Philippines)
  • Jinsun Baik, Chief Manager of SMETP Center, The Korean Association for Industrial Technology Security (Korea)
  • Dr. Ryan Ko, PhD, BEng (Hons), CCSP, Asia Pacific Research Advisor, Cloud Security Alliance & Head, Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato, University of Waikato, New Zealand (Singapore)
  • Tsuyoshi Okumura, CISSP, Evaluator, Control System Security Center Certification Laboratory (CSSC-CL) (Japan)
  • Suzaliana Samuri, ISMS Lead Assessor, Manager - Performance Compliance & Sec. Assurance, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (Malaysia)
  • Kana Shinoda, BLUE Inc Representative, CODE BLUE Founder, APWG Conference Manager and Eastern Asia Liaison, Blue Inc. (Japan)
  • Yoshiki Sugiura, CSIRT Evangelist, NTT-CERT/NTT DATA INTELLILINK Corporation (Japan)


In the senior information security professional category:

  • Amir Haris Ahmad, GSEC, GCIH, CNE6, CEO, Localhost Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
  • Dr. Baber Aslam, Ph.D, Head of Department of Information Security, National University of Science and Technology - MCS Campus (Pakistan)
  • Allan Cabanlong, Chief of Web Services and Cyber Security Division, Philippine National Police (Philippines)
  • Dr. Seong Je Cho, Professor, Dankook University (Korea)
  • Sam Goh, CISSP, CISA, CISM, Principal Consultant, BT Global Solutions Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
  • Dr. Seung-Hun Jin, Managing Director, ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) (Korea)
  • Frankie Leung, CISSP, CISA, CISM, Program Director, (ISC)2 Hong Kong Chapter (Hong Kong)
  • Chien Tsung Liu, Director, Onward Security (Taiwan)
  • Chella Namasivayam M, CIO, IGATE Global Solutions Ltd. (India)
  • Dr. Jinho Yoo, Professor, Sangmyung University (Korea)
  • Ducksang Yoon, CISO/Senior Vice President, kt ds Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  • Feng-Peng Yu, Director, Information & Communication Security, Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan)
  • Wei Zhang, CISA, ISO27001LA, ISO20000LA, Deputy Director, Shanghai Information Security Industry Association (China)