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(ISC)² is regularly featured in publications around the world. Below is a partial list of articles and publications about (ISC)² and its certification programs.

(ISC)² does not guarantee that all links are current and operative, as these articles are time-dated.

2017 Media Highlights


ICMCPRepresentation of women in cybersecurity remains stagnant, according to GISWS

Devon Bryan, co-founder and president of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP) writes for Forbes about how organizations must come together to close the cyber divide. He cites findings from the most recent GISWS which show the low representation of women, African Americans and Hispanics in cybersecurity within the United States.

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infose - for newsAutomation in security 

With the looming workforce gap facing cyber, Information Age examines if automation could be the game changer the industry needs. 

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binary-hand - newsHow can organisations get the most out of red teaming? 

Computer Weekly's Security Think Tank series tackles the subject of red team exercises and how to get them most out of them for your organisation. EMEA managing director Adrian Davis co-authored. 

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(ISC)² reaches out to U.S. government sharing workforce recommendations

SC Magazine covered the blog from North America managing director, Dan Waddell, detailing (ISC)²'s recommendations to U.S. President Trump on how to address issues in the cyber workforce. 

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Global security - cropped

Representation of women in cybersecurity remains stagnant, according to GISWS

ComputerWorld Hong Kong reviews the findings from the latest Global Information Security Workforce Study, in particular, the low number of women in cybersecurity.

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Women in cyber report square Women in cybersecurity face uphill battle

Following the release of the 2017 Women in Cybersecurity report, Fortune examines the lack of women in the workforce and how mentorship could help keep women in the field, and advance their careers. 

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SC LogoIn Europe, only 7 percent of cyber workforce is female

SC Magazine UK reports on low representation of women in the field, and large gender pay gap. 

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Howard SchmidtRemembering an information security innovator

The New York Times eulogized Howard Schmidt, cybersecurity adviser to two presidents, and recipient of the (ISC)² Harold F. Tipton Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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RSAC TV: Philip Casesa Inteview  

Eleanor Dallaway, of Infosecurity Magazine, interviewed Phillip Casesa, Product Development Strategist at (ISC)², at the 2017 RSA Conference.








Global security - croppedShortfall of InfoSec workforce projected at 1.8 million globally by 2022

With more than 19,000 respondents the Global Information Workforce Study projects an increase in the workforce gap by 20 percent, Information Age reports.

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Man with serversU.K. businesses impacted by cybersecurity workforce shortage

The Telegraph reports findings from the GISWS, specifically the deficit of qualified security professionals, leaving businesses vulnerable to malicious hackers.

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Sky NewsSky News reports on Global Information Security Workforce Study results

U.K. companies find themselves chronically understaffed, as 2017 cybersecurity workforce study projects 1.8 million worker shortfall worldwide by 2022.

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David Shearer headshotWhat are InfoSec pros thinking about? 

CEO David Shearer writes for Passcode about the findings of the Global Information Security Workforce Study, particularly top concerns of professionals 

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board room handInfoSec workforce gap, and risks, grow for businesses 

The Tampa Bay Business Journal examines the findings from the GISWS and (ISC)²’s recommendations that millennials help fill the growing cybersecurity workforce gap. 

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adrian davis(1)More connected can mean more vulnerable 

As IoT expands, connected cars are becoming reality. Adrian Davis, Managing Director, EMEA, shares his concerns and hopes for security related to innovation with All About Security.

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wes headshot webBuild your cybersecurity staff

COO, Wes Simpson, writes for Certification Magazine about the talent shortage in cybersecurity, and how organizations can fill that gap by recruiting and training millennials.

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Brian Correia

Director of business development joins the team

Infosecurity Magzine covered the news that (ISC)² named Brian Correia the director of business development for the North American region. 

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gathering groupMust-attend conferences for infosec pros

Digital Guardian published a list of the top information security conferences in attend in 2017, including (ISC)² Secure Events.

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cyber security awarenessSecurity Think Thank: DNS

(ISC)²’s own Security Engineer, Michael McIntyre, writes for ComputerWeekly’s Security Think Thank series on the use of DNS.

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cyber attacks aheadCyber talent drought causes flood of attacks

Information Age dives into the effect of the cybersecurity talent shortage and how it has led to costly cyber attacks. (ISC)²’s Global Information Security Workforce Study is cited for the 1.5 million infosec pro shortage.

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David Shearer

When it comes to cyberinsurance – how much is enough?

CEO, David Shearer, comments to SC Magazine on the need for cyberinsurance. He speaks about how (ISC)² helps provide members – and in turn, their organizations – with ways to make determinations on the financial values to attribute to potential security breaches.

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2016 Media Highlights


garfield tvGarfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures on U.S. Television

Patrick Craven, director of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, and Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield appeared on NBC-TV and FOX-TV stations around the U.S. talking about Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures. The interviews appeared on 207 stations, potentially reaching 39,000,000+ viewers nationwide.

Watch the interview on KXAN-TV in Austin, Texas
Watch the interview on KSBY-TV in San Luis Obispo, California


David ShearerThe Wall Street Journal – CIO Journal  

Thousands of CIOs around the world hold their CISSP. The Wall Street Journal examines the value of certification in the security field.

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Center LogoGarfield really hates Mondays … and lax cybersecurity

In his "Cyber Safety Adventures," Garfield and friends, including Dr. Cybrina, CISSP teach kids how to stay safe and secure online.

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  Wes SimpsonTraining and education key in filling cybersecurity skills gap

Wes Simpson, COO of (ISC)², writes for Risk Management sharing the value of training and educating cybersecurity staff to secure your organization.

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board room handInfosec professionals need to help organizations understand cyber risk

Adrian Davis, Managing Director, EMEA of (ISC)², writes for Computer Weekly’s Security Think Tank on the importance of cybersecurity.

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 capitol buildingNSA Chief Rogers Talks Cybersecurity with WSJ

The head of the U.S. Cyber Command discusses the Sony hack, state-backed attacks and WikiLeaks. The Wall Street Journal cites the March 2016 (ISC)²/KPMG survey of federal cybersecurity executives.

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cyber girl12 days of cyber safety tips to help kids

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education issues the 12 days of cyber safety tips to help kids with new devices this holiday season.

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David Shearer headshotRecruitment and diversity in security

David Shearer, CEO of (ISC)², was a guest on the SecuringBusiness podcast and spoke about security recruitment and the need for diversity.

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From the Nation's Capital: Addressing the Critical Demand for Cyber Pros  

This special program presented by (ISC)² focuses on the many challenges facing the cyber community. Francis Rose explores these issues with Dan Waddell, managing director, North America for (ISC)².







 capitol buildingU.S. Government Advisory Council publishes insight on outbound VID

 Members of the (ISC)² U.S. Government Advisory Council Executive Writers Bureau include federal IT security experts from government and industry.

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 data breachesBusinesses not treating cyber risk like other risks

 Adrian Davis, managing director EMEA, (ISC)² shares his thoughts with Computer Weekly on recent customer data breaches and what it means for businesses.

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cybersecurity teamGender gap in cybersecurity continues to grow  

 Elise Yacobellis, business development manager, (ISC)² spoke with Third Certainty about the growing gender gap in cybersecurity. The article also cites the 2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study findings on the number of women in the field.

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Elise YacobellisWomen still underrepresented in infosec, despite shortage of personnel

Elise Yacobellis, business development strategist at (ISC)², spoke with The Credit Union Times about the ongoing shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, and how women are underrepresented in the field. The article also referenced the Women in Security reported published by (ISC)².

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Philip Casesa 2015Protect your privacy NOW

Phil Casesa, product development strategist at (ISC)², participated in a webinar hosted by Infosecurity Magazine about protecting businesses from cyber threats.

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cybersecurity competitionTech gender gap starts young

The San Francisco Chronicle examined the gender gap in the field of technology citing the Global Information Security Workforce Study on the number of women in infosec.

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board room handTop cybersecurity concerns for CISOs

Dan Waddell, managing director, North America (ISC)², spoke with Federal News Radio about the organization’s recommendations to the first U.S. federal chief information security officer, based on the findings of this year’s joint study with KPMG.

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 Wesley Simpson“People Patching” as a cybersecurity strategy

Wesley Simpson, chief operating officer of (ISC)², wrote about the value of people in an enterprise cybersecurity strategy for Security Magazine.

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cyber security awareness monthManaging the skills shortage within IT

David Shearer, chief executive officer of (ISC)², spoke with Dark Reading about the value of a qualified staff in securing an organization.

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cyber attacks aheadHow businesses can prepare their cyber defences

Adrian Davis, managing director, EMEA, (ISC)², shares his thoughts with Computer Weekly on how businesses can best prepare for cyber attacks.

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David ShearerSecurity Congress: Interview with David Shearer

David Shearer, chief executive officer of (ISC)², sat down with Infosecurity Magazine at Security Congress in Orlando to discuss the future of the organization and what keeps members up at night.

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password changeProtect your privacy NOW

Phil Casesa, product development strategist at (ISC)², shared tips with Consumer Reports on how to protect your privacy, and your bank account, in an increasingly-connected world.

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cyber security careersU.S. agencies seeking to hire more cyber professionals

The U.S. government announced a plan to hire 3,500 cybersecurity professionals for various agencies. The announcement follows the recent KPMG/(ISC)² survey of federal cyber professionals which found that most agencies did not feel prepared for a cyber-attack.

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board room handBoards may be required to be cyber aware

The Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2015, if passed, would require publicly traded companies to declare who on their board is a cybersecurity expert, or face a penalty. While “cybersecurity expert” has yet to be defined, having the CISSP certification likely qualifies.

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CISSP Logo SquareCISSP live online training

Infosecurity Magazine shared news of the partnership between (ISC)² and CyberVista to provide live online CISSP certification test preparation courses.

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David Shearer headshotMost worrisome trends and challenges in IT

David Shearer, (ISC)² CEO, participated in a Dark Reading Radio broadcast discussing what keeps cybersecurity professionals up at night.

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capitol buildingStrategy for U.S. government cybersecurity

Dan Waddell, (ISC)² managing director North America, writes about how the U.S. government can grow their cybersecurity staff. In the words of President Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

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woman ITWhat can infosec do to recruit more women?

SC Magazine UK cites the data from the 2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study on the low representation of women in the industry, as the article discusses ways to recruit more women.

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SC LogoSC Magazine UK Awards

(ISC)² won the award for Best Professional Training or Certification Programme.

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cissp at deskThe path to becoming a CISO

Tom’s IT Pro discusses the role of the chief information security officer, and how to achieve the title – including earning the CISSP certification.

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StressedCISO burnout is rising concern with higher number of vendors

IDG Connect exams vendor overload as a factor in CISO burnout. Dan Waddell, (ISC)² managing director North America, shares his thoughts on managing product pitches.

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password changeFacebook founder hacked – what are best password practices?

When Mark Zuckerberg’s personal accounts are compromised, what affect does this have on his organization and who is to blame? David Shearer gives advice on how to secure your accounts.

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Dan Waddell 2015Top minds gather to drive change in federal cybersecurity

Dan Waddell, (ISC)² managing director North America, contributes an article to Christian Science Monitor Passcode on how technology, talent, and teamwork can make cybersecurity work for an federal agencies.

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cybersecurity competitionCapture the flag competition for scholarships

The Chicago Tribune featured a US Cyber Challenge competition in Arlington, Va where (ISC)² scholarship vouchers were among the prizes.

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Globe Business PeopleAPAC cyber-skills gap

David Shearer, (ISC)² CEO, talks with SC Magazine UK about the cyber-skills gap happening in countries within the Asia-Pacific region.

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white houseCybersecurity education within the U.S. federal government

Dan Waddell, (ISC)² managing director North America, speaks with Federal Drive host Tom Temin about the progress in federal cybersecurity education.

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LondonBrexit implications on cybersecurity

Adrian Davis, (ISC)² managing director EMEA, comments on the security community’s response to the Brexit vote.

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cyber attacks aheadRansomware – how to prepare and recover

Phil Casesa, (ISC)² product development strategist, shares advice for how to protect yourself against ransomware, and what to do if you’ve been attacked.

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capitol buildingFederal cybersecurity executives struggling to understand potential attacks

Dark Reading cites the KPMG/(ISC)² report on the State of Cybersecurity from the Federal Executive Perspective regarding the vulnerabilities at U.S. government agencies.

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waddellFederal News Radio on state of U.S. government cybersecurity

Dan Waddell, (ISC)² managing director North America, and KPMG’s Tony Hubbard discuss lessons learned from the OPM breach on Federal Drive.

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State of U.S. cybersecurity post-OPM breachwhite house

Dan Waddell, (ISC)² managing director North America, and KPMG’s Tony Hubbard discuss findings from their joint survey on Government Matters TV.

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data breachesData breaches attributed to employee negligence

Insider threats, whether from malicious or negligent behavior, are emerging as top concern in cybersecurity – both in private and public sector.

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cyber security awareness monthLack of cybersecurity professionals in the field influences recruiting practices

CSO Online examines state of cybersecurity recruitment, citing data from (ISC)² and the value of the CISSP certification.

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cyber attacks aheadU.S. federal agencies still lacking in area of cybersecurity

SC Magazine reports on the KMPG/(ISC)² survey of U.S. federal cybersecurity executives, finding that agencies are still vulnerable following the OPM breach.

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adrian davis(1)Businesses need to build trust into their relationships

Adrian Davis, (ISC)² managing director EMEA, speaks with Business Reporter on how businesses can build cyber trust.

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David Shearer headshotChief security officer role continues to evolve

David Shearer, (ISC)² CEO, shares his thoughts on why chief security officers should care about IT and make it part of their role.

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board room handWhat role does the CIO play in an organization?

Information Age discusses the role of the CIO in business, citing the 1.5 million professional gap projected by 2019 in the 2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study.

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GAP teacher studentsU.S. universities lack cybersecurity programs

David Shearer, (ISC)² CEO, talks with Dark Reading about the lack of cybersecurity curriculums in universities.

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cissp at deskCybersecurity salary trends

Phil Casesa, (ISC)² product development strategist, spoke with Dark Reading about the salary trends in cybersecurity.

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cybersecurity teamCybersecurity industry needs female professionals

With a projected deficit of 1.5 million qualified professionals by 2020, according to the 2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study, the field of cybersecurity should actively recruit women to the field to fill those jobs.

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cloud data CCSP Number One Target for Developing Cloud Security Skills

Cloud Computing News says that our Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) credential should be your number one target if you're looking to develop cloud security skills.

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LondonProposed UK Legislation Could Put Customer Data at Risk

(ISC)² EMEA Managing Director Dr. Adrian Davis shares his concerns over the UK government's draft Investigatory Powers Bill in regards to protecting customer data.

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cybersecurity teamTop 10 Reasons to Invest in Cybersecurity People

(ISC)² Managing Director for North America Dan Waddell offers 10 reasons why the human element is a high-return, low-risk investment.

• Read his thoughts in Nextgov


cissp at desk (ISC)² Certs Make Top of Cert Mag Salary Survey

With U.S. and world salaries combined from Certification Magazine’s Salary Survey, (ISC)² certs have four out of the top five. CSSLP, CAP, HCISPP, CISSP and concentrations - ISSAP, ISSEP and ISSMP, all made the list within the top 35. Our CCSP also tops "The Next Big Thing" list as the number one cert respondents plan to earn in 2016.

• See the survey results
• Read "The Next Big Thing" list


David Shearer headshotBringing Younger Generations into Security

(ISC)² CEO David Shearer explores the state of the security profession and some lessons for Asia during a podcast interview with CareersInfoSecurity.

Listen to the podcast


cybersecurity man 2Why Invest in the Human Element in Cybersecurity?

(ISC)² Managing Director for North America Dan Waddell offers 10 reasons why the human element is a high-return, low-risk investment.

• Read his thoughts in Nextgov



cyber security awareness month SSCP should be Part of Every IT Pro’s Development Plans

Tom’s IT Pro included the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP®) in a list of certifications that the publication mentions should be part of every IT professional's learning and development plans.

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David Shearer headshotDavid Shearer Shares his Thoughts on Security Automation

In security jobs, automation can be a force multiplier. However, it’s not a silver bullet. (ISC)² CEO David Shearer shares his thoughts in CareersInfoSecurity.

Read more of his thoughts


risk cloudsBenefits Outweigh the Risks for Information Security Sharing

When it comes to information security sharing, the benefits outweigh the risks, argues (ISC)² EMEA Managing Director Dr. Adrian Davis.

Read his views


cybersecurity man 2 CISSP & CCSP Among Top IT Security Certs for 2016

Tech Target included the (ISC)² Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) on its list of top IT security certifications to target in 2016.

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Globe Business PeopleOptimism Despite Workforce Shortage and Increased Threats

(ISC)² CEO David Shearer and Managing Director of APAC Clayton Jones discuss the information security workforce shortage and expanding threat landscape in a five-part recorded interview series in Security Matters Philippines.

Listen to the interviews


cloud dataExploring Today's Cloud Security Challenge

In Cloud Tweaks, David Shearer and (ISC)² Author, Instructor and Subject Matter Expert Adam Gordon share their perspectives on the challenges with cloud security.

Read their thoughts



CISSP Logo SquareCISSP on Top IT Cert List for 2016

The (ISC)² Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) is listed as one of the top IT certifications for 2016, according to Tom's IT Pro.

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cissp at deskHow to Persuade Management to Hire More People

How do you convince management to hire more information security people? Read advice from (ISC)² Director of Product Development and Portfolio Management Philip Casesa in Dark Reading.

Read Phil's advice


password change2015's Biggest Cyber Breaches

What went wrong? In this Nextgov article, the (ISC)² U.S. Government Advisory Council Executive Writers Bureau reviews 2015's biggest cyber breaches and reveals several major findings.

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