(ISC)² International Academic Program (IAP)

(ISC)² works with academic and higher education institutions around the world to support the development of curricula and teaching for cyber, information and software security. Developed to equip more graduates with much-needed cybersecurity skills, this program provides access to the professional knowledge maintained by (ISC)²’s certified membership of practicing professionals. Universities have the opportunity to design a program of resources to suit particular requirements at the undergraduate and graduate level, and enhance the professional development of their teaching staff. Students have the opportunity to pursue a globally- recognized professional certification with their university degree, and to be welcomed into the international professional community as an Associate of (ISC)² as they enter the workforce. 

The (ISC)² International Academic Program (IAP) previously known as the (ISC)² Global Academic program has now evolved to incorporate the contributions from the supported academic partners in all of the regions in which it operates.  You can develop your program with the confidence that you are drawing from both academic and professional experience, are providing content that industry needs and will maintain, are aligning to standards that are evolving with the professional community, and providing your students with a diverse and rich career opportunity. 

Please contact academic@isc2.org to learn more. 

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