New CISSP® Exam Questions

Innovative Drag & Drop and Hotspot CISSP Questions

As of January 15, 2014, (ISC)²® included new innovative Drag & Drop and Hotspot questions in its flagship CISSP certification examination. Innovative question types provide several benefits over simple four-option multiple choice items. Benefits of the new CISSP questions include:

  • Measures knowledge at higher cognitive levels
  • Measures a broader range of skills
  • Provides more realistic simulation of practice in the field
  • Provides opportunities for broader content coverage than may be possible with multiple choice questions

How will the New CISSP Questions be scored?

Innovative questions will be scored in the same way that a multiple-choice question is scored because there is only one right answer to each item. All questions, both multiple choice and innovative types will be equally weighted when determining scores. The total testing time for the CISSP examination will remain the same. Addition of such items should not impact candidates’ ability to complete the examination within the time limit.

What will the New CISSP Questions look like?

Below are sample Drag & Drop and Hotspot Questions that will be used on the CISSP exam.

Drag & Drop Sample CISSP Question

Hot Spot Sample CISSP Question

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