Suggested Study Materials

Candidates, as well as current members, are encouraged to supplement their education by reading a variety of information security resources. (ISC)² does not endorse any particular text or author.

Download a Free Candidate Information Bulletin which contains the reference lists of books and articles for each credential.

(ISC)² does not intend that candidates purchase and read all of the books and articles. Since most of the information tested in the examination pertains to a common body of knowledge, this additional information serves only as a supplement to one's understanding of basic knowledge.

Although the lists may include more than one reference that covers a content area, one such reference may be enough. The candidate may also have resources available that are not on the list but which will adequately cover the content area. The list does not represent the only body of information to be used as study material.

These reference lists are not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather a useful list of references used to support the test question development process. Use of the references does not guarantee successful completion of the test.