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Information Security Scholarships from (ISC)²

The (ISC)² Foundation is proud to help open doors to future information security professionals with scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. Find out how to make a life changing move that will help put your career in the fast lane!

Visit the (ISC)² Foundation website for all information on scholarships. 

ISC2 Foundation
IT Security Scholarship Offerings 

 1. Women’s Scholarship - To inspire women to join the ever growing field of Information Security, the (ISC)² Foundation will award up to two scholarships totaling up to US$40,000.

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2. Undergraduate Scholarship - If you are an undergraduate committed to the Information Security field, then we have the perfect scholarship for you. We offer multiple grants of up to US$5,000 each. 

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3. Graduate Research Project(s) - Graduate students often need funding to conduct special research projects. Seed funding of up to eight grants will be given for up to US$3,000 each.

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4. Cyber Warrior Scholarship -  If you are a US military veteran and have performed IT-related functions while in service, you could be qualified to be underwritten by (ISC)² for training, textbooks, phone application-enabled study materials, certification testing and placement.

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5. Faculty Certification Exam Vouchers - To encourage more academic participation in the profession and the certification process, (ISC)² will provide vouchers valid for one CISSP®/CSSLP® exam and, upon certification, the first year of AMFs. (Maximum amount dependent upon examination cost and Annual Maintenance Fees [AMFs] at time of processing)

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5. Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship* - The (ISC)² Foundation Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship was established to provide passionate, aspiring young information security professionals the means to follow the pathway to industry excellence, as constructed by Mr. Tipton.

*Please note:  There is no need to apply for The Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship, recipient(s) will be chosen from the pool of Undergraduate Scholarship recipients. Receiving an Undergraduate Scholarship is a prerequisite. The amount of the Scholarship(s) is dependent upon funds collected through the Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship Fund.  

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Visit the (ISC)² Foundation website to learn more about our scholarships!