HCISPP® - Why Certify?

Protectors of Personal Health Information

Over the next 10 years, the global healthcare industry is forecasted to be among the fastest growing employers. At the same time, the risks -- and consequences -- of keeping protected health information secure are increasing. As a result, healthcare employers must find qualified personnel who can demonstrate the necessary competence to protect and secure this vital information. The HCISPP certification helps both employers and job candidates demonstrate their capabilities and commitment to healthcare privacy and security.

Why Become an HCISPP? 

  • Validate your experience, skills, and commitment to privacy as a healthcare practitioner
  • Demonstrate your qualifications to implement, manage, or assess the appropriate security and privacy controls for your healthcare organization
  • Advance your career with the only global certification that establishes your foundational practitioner knowledge, experience, and competency in health information security and privacy best practices
  • Differentiate and enhance your credibility and marketability as a health information security and privacy practitioner with a credential backed by (ISC)², the globally recognized Gold Standard in information security certification
  • Affirm your commitment to continued competence in the most current security and privacy practices through (ISC)²'s continuing professional education (CPE) requirement

Why Employ HCISPPs? 

  • Solidify frontline defenses with qualified, experienced, and credentialed healthcare information security and privacy practitioners
  • Demonstrate the organization's proactive commitment to minimizing the risk of breaches
  • Increase confidence that job candidates and employees can do the job right
  • Mitigate risk by exchanging protected health information (PHI) with 3rd parties that employ HCISPPs
  • Increase credibility of the organization when working with clients and vendors
  • Ensure privacy and security personnel are current and capable through HCISPP’s CPE credits requirement 
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