The HCISPP examination domains and weights are:



1. Healthcare Industry


2. Regulatory Environment


3. Privacy and Security in Healthcare


4. Information Governance and Risk Management


5. Information Risk Assessment


6. Third-Party Risk Management




Healthcare Industry – Understand diversity of healthcare industry, types of technologies, flow of information, and levels of protection

  • Healthcare Environment
  • Third-Party Relationships
  • Health Data Management Concepts

Regulatory Environment – Entails identifying and understanding relevant legal and regulatory requirements and ensuring an organization’s policies and procedures are in compliance

  • Applicable Regulations
  • International Regulations and Controls
  • Internal Practices Compared to New Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Frameworks
  • Risk-Based Decisions
  • Code of Conduct/Ethics

Privacy and Security in Healthcare – Basic understanding of security and privacy concepts and principles, and types of information to protect

  • Security Objectives/Attributes
  • Security Definitions/Concepts
  • Privacy Principles
  • Disparate Nature of Sensitive Data and Handling Implications

Information Governance and Risk Management – How organizations manage information risk through security and privacy governance, risk management lifecycles, and principle risk activities

  • Security and Privacy Governance
  • Risk Management Methodology
  • Information Risk Management Life Cycles
  • Risk Management Activities

Information Risk Assessment – Understand risk assessment concepts and identify and participate in risk assessment practices and procedures

  • Risk Assessment
  • Procedures from within Organization Risk Frameworks
  • Risk Assessment Consistent with Role in Organization
  • Efforts to Remediate Gaps

Third-Party Risk Management – Identify third parties based on use of information, help manage third-party relationships, and determine when additional security and privacy assurances are required

  • Definition of Third-Parties in Healthcare Context
  • Third-Party Management Standards and Practices
  • Third-Party Assessments and Audits
  • Security/Privacy Events
  • Third-Party Connectivity
  • Third-Party Requirements
  • Remediation Efforts

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