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U.S. Government EWB Members and Areas of Expertise

  • Patrick D. Howard, CISSP, CISM
    Senior Consultant, SecureInfo A Kratos Company
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Antarctic Support Contract
    U.S. Antarctic Program
    National Science Foundation
    Former CISO for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    Chair, (ISC)² U.S. Government Advisory Board Executive Writers Bureau
    Member, (ISC)² U.S. Government Advisory Board
    Subject-Matter Expertise: Security Management, Compliance, Policy and Procedures, Security Training and Awareness and C&A

  • Louis Magnotti, CISSP
    Former Deputy CAO and Chief Information Officer for the U.S. House of Representatives
    Member, (ISC)² U.S. Government Advisory Board
    Subject-Matter Expertise: Computer Security, Physical Security and Computer Forensics 

  • John R. Rossi, CISSP-ISSEP, MA
    Professor of Systems Management / Information Assurance
    National Defense University 
    Subject-Matter Expertise: C&A function and process, information security accountability and organizational structure, security training and professional certifications

  • Devon Bryan, CISSP, CCNA, MCSE2K
    Senior Director, Client Security Management Office
    ADP Global Security Organization 
    Subject-Matter Expertise: Access Control Systems & Methodology, Telecommunications & Network Security, Security Management Practices (Concepts and Principles), Applications & Systems Development Security, Cryptography, Security Architecture & Models, Operations Security

  • Bruce Brody, CISSP, CISM, CAP, ISSPCS
    Managing Partner and Executive Vice President for Security
    Subject-Matter Expertise: C&A, FISMA, Federal information security trends, Federal information security governance, Workforce Professionalization and Certification

  • Joan S. Hash, M.S., CISSP, CISM
    Information Security Consultant
    Former Acting Chief, Computer Security, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Subject-Matter Expertise: Security Policy, Security Plan Preparation, Governance, Risk Management, Security Management Policy and Practices, Certification and Accreditation, Contingency Planning
  • Dara Gordon Murray, CISSP
    Director of Information Technology Security
Program Support Center
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    Member, (ISC)² U.S. Government Advisory Board 
  • Patrick J. Kelly (PJ), Associate of (ISC)² for CISSP 
    Alumnus of Scholarship for Service (CyberCorp) Program
    Member, (ISC)² U.S. Government Advisory Board
  • Leo Scanlon, CISSP
    Director, IT Security Staff (Chief Information Security Officer)
    National Archives and Records Administration
    Member, (ISC)² U.S. Government Advisory Board
  • Devin Cassidy
    Alumnus of Scholarship for Service (CyberCorp) Program
    Senior IT Analyst
    Federal Reserve Board of Governors