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The (ISC)² Europe Middle East and Africa Advisory Council (EAC) is established to provide advice to (ISC)2 management on its efforts in the region; to involve members in organizational and member-driven activity, and to facilitate relevant consultation from the membership community with external stakeholder groups.

The EAC has been active across many topics. Success has come in its efforts to enhance cybersecurity content and accreditation standards within computing science for schools. We have contributed to the EU’s first cybersecurity competence standard, are researching readiness for the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation and Network Information Security Directive, and regularly advise on digital trends that are having a significant impact such as cloud computing, supply chain risk and the Internet of Things.

There are currently 10 members and regional chapter leaders on the EAC, serving as active project leaders.

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Opportunities to get involved

(ISC)² members and chapter leaders are encouraged to consider their interest in the following active work programmes.

  • CEN workshop ICT Skills Security White Paper

    With systems and organizations evolving to uphold more connected, collaborative and virtual processes, cyber and IT security considerations have become a core element of ICT practice at every level. While the subject is referenced within in the eCF, there is an acknowledged need for a more robust representation of these requirements. (ISC)² members are invited to contribute subject matter expertise and act as reviewers for a draft paper being prepared for the end of 2016. The aim will be to inform the EU competence standard.

    Contact Lyndsay Turley, Director of Public Affairs: lturley@isc2.org 
  • GDPR Task Force

    The EMEA Advisory Council wants to create a multi-national virtual working group to collate experience and identify effective measures for complying with the EUs new General Data Protection Regulation. This working group will be composed of selected Chapter leaders and members from the various countries who are currently active within their organizations’ preparations to become compliant. The first meeting will be scheduled for September/October 2016. Qualified participants are encouraged to join from around the world as the Regulation, to be in force from May 2018, will impact any companies trading with the European Union.
    Contact: Yves LeRoux, Co-Chair of the EAC: yleroux@eac.isc2.org

The EAC also welcomes proposals for new projects. Contact lturley@isc2.org for more information.

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