Capture the Missing Links in 'Supply Chain & Software Acquisition'


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Key Areas of Knowledge in the Supply Chain:   

- Supplier Risk Assessment 
- Supplier Sourcing
- Software Development & Testing 
- Software Delivery, Operations & Maintenance 
- Supplier Transitioning 


Supply Chain & Software Acquisition


These resouces will help you capture the missing links by giving you the knowledge and tasks required whether you are outsourcing, acquiring, or procuring software and related services.  

- Software Supply Chain Management Processes Chart
- Key Elements to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk Infographic


As a CSSLP, you build hacker resilient software by defining the expectations of an organization when acquiring software and be assured that a product will NOT:

- Act maliciously
- Disrupt its business
- Result in negative financial impact




What do you need to know about securing the supply chain?

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                      CSSLP Supply Chain Infographic