Check out the CSSLP CPE Activities Available to You

(ISC)² is committed to providing CSSLPs with Continuing Professional Education (CPE) activities for you to maintain your CSSLP credential. CSSLPs are required to earn 15 Group A CPEs each year. In order to renew your CSSLP credential for another three years, you must earn 90 CPEs, which 60 must be Group A CPEs.

Types of Activities

csslp cpe sampleOnline Events 

(ISC)² e-Symposium -Free to (ISC)² Members
(ISC)² e-Symposium Seminar Series is an exclusive program of half-day, online seminars providing members with opportunities to learn about hot industry topics and interact live with industry experts - all from the convenience of a computer at work or at home.

ThinkTank -Free
(ISC)² ThinkTank Security Leadership Series webinars are regularly-held 60-minute seminars which bring together subject matter experts to discuss and debate current security topics.

(ISC)² SecurityTALK - Free to (ISC)² Members
SecurityTALK is a searchable library of webcasts and podcasts directly related to security. For CSSLP domains, search by the topics like application security, hacking, and malware.

Participate in Webinars, Seminars, PodCasts -Free
Search the Internet for free Webinars, Pod Casts, or seminars focusing on application security, securing the lifecycle, or practices offered by hardware/software suppliers and other vendors carrying security-related products.

In-Person Events

(ISC)² SecureSDLC - Free to (ISC)² Members
1-day events that arm software professionals with the latest tools and information regarding application security. Search the (ISC)2 events page for the latest dates.

Attend a Software Conference -Discounted
Attend industry events and submit CPEs for the sessions you attend.  Check out the events calendar to see what software events (ISC)2 will be sponsoring. (ISC)² has participated in events such as MS TechED, OWASP AppSeC Events, Hacker Haltered, SEPG North America, GIDS - India, OOP2011 - Germany.

Attend a Vendor Presentation -Free
The presentation must have an educational aspect with regard to application security, secure development, or securing the lifecycle. (Pure sales presentations are not considered CPE activities).

Take Advantage of Speaking Opportunities -Free
CPE credits are earned for the time spent preparing for an application security, secure development, or securing the lifecycle presentation. CPE credits are not earned for time presenting. This CPE activity is most relevant for short presentations of a few hours for webinars, pod casts, conferences and courses.

Educational Resources

Read a Whitepaper focusing on application security.- Free
The whitepaper must have an educational aspect with regard to application security, secure development, or securing the lifecycle. (Pure sales whitepapers are not considered CPE activities).

Read InfoSecurity Professional Magazine -Free to (ISC)² Members
InfoSecurity Professional magazine is (ISC)²'s online, members-only magazine. This magazine will allow members to earn two CPE credits per issue.

Read a Book/Write a Review - Free/Low Cost
Educate yourself with a book regarding application security.  Submit a book review on a recent information security book you've read. You'll receive CPE credits if the review is accepted and posted on the (ISC)² Website.  Visit the book review search page to find existing book reviews.

Read an Application Security Magazine - Low Cost
Subscribe to a magazine about application security, secure development, or securing the lifecycle presentation to earn CPE credits.


Write Test Questions for an (ISC)² Examination
Item Writing (to participate in this activity you must hold the specific credential to write items for that credentialing exam. - i.e. CISSPs may only write for the CISSP exam, CSSLPs may only write for the CSSLP exam, etc. Multiple credential holders may participate and write items for an exam where they hold those specific credentials).

Volunteer with (ISC)² to write test questions for the CSSLP exam by sending your request to

Join an (ISC)² Chapter or any other professional application security organizations
Join and actively participate in a professional application security organization. Attendance and board service can earn you CPE credits. An added bonus: some of these organizations also offer free application security courses or opportunities to participate in speaking or training engagements.

Write a Security Article -Free
The publication of an application security article placed in a journal or magazine can earn you CPE credits. Visit the (ISC)² Journal  page for submission opportunities.

Safe & Secure Program -Free
The Safe and Secure Online program reaches children ages 7-14 and parents/teachers, by educating them to be more responsible digital citizens. Each in-school session lasts one hour long and is delivered via a multi-media Power-Point Presentation with tips on how to present to children in a classroom. For more information, visit Safe and Secure online  or email any questions to Join the growing legion of (ISC)² members dedicated to impacting their community! 

Performing Unique Projects and Activities on-the-Job -Free
Perform an application security out-of-scope project, research or teaching preparation that is outside of your normal job duties to earn CPE credits.