CCFP – Why Certify?

Recognition for Advanced Expertise in Cyber Forensics

You worked hard to gain a mastery of the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle a broad array of cyber forensics challenges. Now it's time to affirm your standing as a cyber forensics professional with the Certified Cyber Forensics Professional (CCFP) certification. 

Cyber forensics has grown from a niche law enforcement discipline to a full-blown vital profession that permeates information security as well as law enforcement and the legal community. In today's world, these fields simply cannot function as needed without the support of cyber forensics professionals. As an advanced professional-level certification, the CCFP recognizes qualified practitioners who are equipped to lead complex and diverse cyber forensics investigations.

The CCFP Helps You: 

  • Validate and enhance your standing as an advanced cyber forensics professional with a comprehensive, credible, international certification
  • Instill employer confidence in your abilities and expand career opportunities with a credential that confirms your current expertise as well as your capacity to grow and evolve with the forensics industry
  • Provides the assurance that can only come with a credential backed by (ISC)2,  the globally recognized Gold Standard in information security certification
  • Perform international forensics investigations, knowing that your CCFP counterparts in other countries operate using a common globally recognized body of knowledge
  • Continue ongoing education on the latest advances in cyber forensics science through the (ISC)2 periodic recertification process 

The CCFP Helps Your Employer: 

  • Know that with so much at stake — prosecuting cyber and other crimes, protecting corporate IP, defending lawsuits, and more — their team of CCFP professionals has the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct forensically sound and accurate investigations.
  • Leverage CCFP's inherent screening ability and standardized measure of qualification to advance their cyber forensics teams by hiring and promoting the most qualified practitioners.
  • Increase organizational integrity and credibility in the eyes of clients and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure their cyber forensics team is committed and capable of progressing with the forensics field through CCFP's necessary Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

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