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Relevance Requires More Than Just Paying Attention

Relevance Requires More Than Just Paying Attention

Discover the Secret to Continued Success in Cybersecurity

Speak to any seasoned Information Security professional, and you will hear stories of struggles, memorable victories, and even some notable defeats. Cybersecurity is one of those professions that was developed just as it was being invented. This means that the people who have been involved in the profession have been seeing the evolution in the rear-view mirror.

When we think about how the entire world was caught off-guard nearly twenty years ago, the day that the SQL Slammer Worm disrupted everything, or, more recently, when the National Institute of Health (NHS) was halted the by the WannaCry incident, it is obvious why a “rear-view mirror” representation is appropriate. However, as the InfoSec industry has matured, most organizations have adopted a more resilient stance in order to combat current, and future cyberattacks.

It is easy for an organization to boast of resilience through technical advances, such as innovative tools, and even artificial intelligence. However, we are all aware that tools on their own are only as good as the people who operate them, and the people who interpret the information derived from these instruments. True resilience is achieved through decisions and actions based on those decisions.

This resilience cannot be accomplished merely by paying attention to news reports and similar media, but by active learning. Security professionals know that the path to continued success comes not from just continuing the same processes, but from remaining relevant in the face of this dynamic industry. This means that constant training is required to develop the skills necessary to remain not only one-step ahead of the emerging threats, but to continue to add value to any organization with whom you interact.

Most organizations are either beginning to use cloud-based services or are well along on their journey towards cloud adoption. This is the newest environment in the changing technology landscape. Many information security professionals see this new direction as the perfect impetus to upgrade their skills with a cloud security certification.

There are many cloud certifications available, but when we spoke with a panel of experts who hold the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) designation, many of them cited the value of a vendor-neutral certification. These people also hold certifications for specific cloud vendors, yet the CCSP was still on their list of important certifications to achieve to remain relevant, and to bring value to their employers.

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For those who did not hold any other cloud security certifications, our panelists indicated that the knowledge they gained through the CCSP study process was instrumental, not only in their personal growth, but in career advancement as well. These professionals come from all levels of the security spectrum, from analysts, all the way up to C-Level and Partner titles. Regardless of how high they were positioned, many indicated that achieving the CCSP credential gave them increased credibility, and confidence when working with cloud vendors.

It seems that there is no “usual” study path when training towards the CCSP goal. Of the people we interviewed, many shared varied methods. While some were comfortable with the old style of “hitting the books” self-study, others preferred study groups and more social-based engagements. No matter what style of learning suits you best, the different study materials offered by (ISC)² makes the study process welcoming, and easily available, increasing your ability to earn this valuable, and valued certification.

The interviewees on our panel share their journey, as well as the benefits they have enjoyed from accomplishing the CCSP credential. These benefits extend beyond their own personal advantage, also adding value to their organizations. This dual-edged benefit is all part of the resilience an organization needs in this new environment.

(ISC)² is acknowledged as the global, nonprofit leader in educating and certifying professionals throughout their careers. Our reputation has earned our cyber and IT security certifications and training programs recognition as the Gold Standard of the industry. When you become certified through (ISC)², you earn tested and verifiable proof of proficiency in your field, leading to career advancement and new professional growth opportunities. It is clear, and it remains so, that attaining an IT certification has money earning potential. While the CCSP is perhaps too young to make the current lists, this is sure to change as cloud adoption becomes more widespread.

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