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Board of Directors

Board Member
Purpose/Rationale Provide strategic direction, governance, and oversight for the organization.
Responsibilities/Expectations  Determine the organization’s mission & purpose
  • Select the Executive Director (or CEO)
  • Support the chief executive and review his/her performance
  • Ensure effective organizational planning
  • Ensure adequate resources
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Determine and monitor the organization’s programs and services
  • Enhance the organization’s public image
  • Serve as a court of appeal
  • Assess its own performance
(ISC)² Membership Required Yes
Qualifications/Skills Required Member in good standing. Member’s skills must match the needs required by the board.
Training Board orientation is provided at the beginning of term
Time Requirement
  • Directors serve three-year terms, unless appointed to fill a vacancy
  • A director may serve up to six years in any 10-year period
  • Time required outside meetings = 10hrs/month
Travel Requirement Travel to Board meetings is required quarterly
Start/End Date(s) January 1 – December 31
CPE Credit(s) 40 Group A CPE credits per year
CPE Submission Process Self-submit via Member Portal
  • Category: Contributions to the Profession
  • Choose: Board Services for a Professional Security Organization
  • Details: title, years of service, position, credits
Benefits/Rewards Be part of a diverse group of directors playing a key strategic role in the oversight of the organization
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