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Focus Groups & Surveys

(ISC)² conducts various focus groups and surveys throughout the year. Share your knowledge, experience and insights with us!

Purpose/Rationale Focus Groups and surveys are conducted for the purpose of collecting input and feedback from members on various program initiatives and activities. The purpose of these focus groups and surveys may include, but not limited to the following:
  • Better understand how we can more effectively serve the overall cybersecurity field and enhance the engagement experience of our members.
  • Conduct an in-depth qualitative study to better understand how the organization is perceived among cybersecurity professionals and identify opportunities to enhance member engagement
  • Provide clear, current measurement of the value of (ISC)²’s membership and member needs on an organization-wide level.
  • The member needs survey is designed to gather, but not limited, to the following:
    • Respondent profile
    • Awareness and value drivers
    • Key performance indicators
    • Current engagement and participation preferences
    • Professional challenges and competitive market
    • Future opportunities
Responsibilities/Expectations  Focus group and survey participation is a form of micro-volunteering activity provided by (ISC)² on a regular basis but can also be extended at any time based on a key priority that needs member input.
(ISC)² Membership Required Yes
Qualifications/Skills Required Open to all members and associates
Training Not required
Time Requirement Short time period
Travel Requirement No
Start/End Date(s) Varies
CPE Credit(s) N/A
CPE Submission Process N/A
  • Exercise your member benefit to contribute to program improvements or new initiatives/processes
  • Provide satisfaction ratings on programs and member resources provided by (ISC)²
  • Express interest or participation on specific programs, projects, or initiatives
  • Provide preference on form and type of communication and information you wish to receive
Reference Materials
  • Varies depending on specific initiative