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Event Advisory Committees

Committee Members
Purpose/Rationale The mission of (ISC)² Event Advisory Committees is to assist in the identification of topics of relevance to the cybersecurity profession and recommend high-quality and compelling best-in-class speakers to address those topics at (ISC)² events. Event Committees will also provide guidance and feedback on other aspects of current and future (ISC)² events from the perspective of the cybersecurity community, including location and timing.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled virtual committee meetings 
  • Participate in the review and rating of proposals as part of the ‘call for presentations’ process (if applicable)  
  • Provide feedback on the program objective, format, and content focus   
  • Recommend session placement on the agenda to ensure optimal attendance  
  • Help identify relevant and innovative topics and speakers using industry knowledge and connections  
  • Leverage a broad network of best-in-class speakers within the cybersecurity industry 
  • Attend the event, where possible (in person or virtually) to assist (ISC)² staff by introducing speakers, moderating sessions, ensuring sessions start and finish on time, reviewing audience Q&A submissions, making announcements, and providing session feedback. Committee members receive a complimentary registration to attend the event 
(ISC)² Membership Required Yes
Qualifications/Skills Required

Committee members must be: 

  • A subject matter expert (SME) in one or more of the following cybersecurity domains: Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Cyber Leadership, Cloud Security, Security Operations, Software Security, Network Security, Emerging Technologies 
  • An (ISC)² member in good standing   
  • Willing to serve on the committee for one year  
  • Able to leverage a broad network of cybersecurity industry professionals for best-in-class speaking opportunities  
  • Able to attend a minimum of 75% of scheduled committee planning calls  
Training N/A
Time Requirement

    Regional Committees

    • One online kick off meeting (1 hour)  
    • Approximately six additional online 30-minute meetings 
    • One moderator training session (1 hour) 
    • Responding to email messages from the program manager in a timely manner 

    Security Congress 

    • One online kick off meeting (1 hour). 
    • One online training session for session reviewers (30 minutes)  
    • One online session proposal review meeting (2 hours) 
    • Approximately eight online 30-minute meetings  
    • One moderator training session (1 hour) 
    • Reviewing a selection of session proposals (2-3 hours of time) 
    • Responding to email messages from the program manager in a timely manner 
Travel Requirement No travel is required for this position
Start/End Date(s) 10 months before event start date to 2 weeks post event start date
CPE Credit(s) Members are eligible for Group B CPEs for their time attending meetings or participating in projects
CPE Submission Process CPEs for meeting attendance will be submitted on behalf of the member by (ISC)²; members will need to self-submit CPEs for time spent preparing projects
  • Complimentary registration to events (in-person or virtual) that the committee member is responsible for planning. Travel and accommodation costs are at the committee members’ own expense
  • The opportunity to share knowledge and experience with cybersecurity professionals  
  • The opportunity to expand and grow a professional network within the cybersecurity space regionally and globally 
  • Recognition on the conference website and at the event 
  • Contribution to furthering professional education in the cybersecurity industry 
  • Gain CPE credits
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