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Exam Developer

Item Writer/Exam Developer
Purpose/Rationale There are four types of workshops:
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Item Mapping
  • Item Writing
  • Standard Setting
Responsibilities/Expectations Serve as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to create new exams or update and refresh existing exams. SMEs participate in virtual, remote, and in-person workshops that focus on the creation and review of exam content as part of the certification exam development process. Some activities include:
  • Establishing or revising the topics an exam will cover
  • Developing and evaluating exam items
  • Determining the exam’s passing score
(ISC)² Membership Required Yes
Qualifications/Skills Required
  • Must hold relevant (ISC)² certification for the workshop
  • Must be an (ISC)² member in good standing
  • Must not have participated in any workshops for the (ISC)² Education team or taught certification courses in the last 2 years
Training SMEs receive training on relevant certification development tasks.
Time Requirement Typically, workshops last 2-3 days
  • In-person (on hold currently)
  • Virtual (usually 3 six-hour days)
  • Remote item development campaigns
    • 2 months on own time (must meet weekly goals)
    • Held various times of the year
Travel Requirement (ISC)² pays all travel, lodging and out-of-pocket expenses of the attendees for in-person workshops, but it does not compensate members for attending.
Start/End Date(s) Varies throughout the year
CPE Credit(s) 1 Group A CPE per 1 hour served; typically earn up to 21 credits
CPE Submission Process (ISC)² will submit CPE credits on behalf of the volunteer
  • Earn CPE credits
  • Meet and network with peers
  • Contribute to the profession
  • All travel expenses are compensated
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