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Scholarship Review Panelist

Each year, the Center awards thousands of dollars to individuals who are pursuing a degree in cybersecurity, information assurance or similar field.

Scholarship Review Panelist
Purpose/Rationale To help promote and encourage the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.
Responsibilities/Expectations  Review and score scholarship applicants to help determine the recipients of the scholarships. Typically, two weeks is allotted for scoring on each panel. All scoring is independent with no need for meetings or collaboration.
(ISC)² Membership Required Yes
Qualifications/Skills Required Must be an (ISC)² member
Training Instructions are provided before review begins
Time Requirement 10-15 minutes per applicant. Applicant counts typically range from 9 to 20 per panel.
Travel Requirement No travel is required
Start/End Date(s) (ISC)² Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship
  • First Panel – Mar 7-21, 2022
  • Finalist Panel – Mar 22 - Apr 4, 2022
(ISC)² Undergraduate Cybersecurity Scholarship
  • First Panel: Apr 11-25, 2022
  • Finalist Panel: Apr 26 – May 9, 2022
(ISC)² Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarship
  • First Panel – May 11-23, 2022
  • Finalist Panel – May 24 – Jun 6, 2022
CPE Credit(s) Group B
2 per panel worked up to a maximum of 10
CPE Submission Process (ISC)² will submit CPE credits on behalf of the panelists (once panels have closed)
Benefits/Rewards Satisfaction in helping to determine and award the best and brightest in continuing and completing their education.
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