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Safe and Secure Online Presenter

Information security professionals can make an impact in their local community by teaching cyber safety through presentations with the Center’s free Safe and Secure Online materials. All resources have been developed by (ISC)² members, the top cybersecurity professionals in the world, and have been translated into 20+ languages.

Safe and Secure Online Presenter
Purpose/Rationale Help your community be safe and security online by giving presentations to students, parents, or faculty, as well as seniors, using the Center for Cyber Safety and Education materials available online. The types of presentations available are:
  • Children (ages 7-10)
  • Children (11-14)
  • Teens (14-18)
  • Parents
  • Senior Citizens (age 65+)
  • Choose your audience
  • Download the materials
  • Contact the school and organization
  • Practice
  • Present!
  • Submit CPEs online
(ISC)² Membership Required No, but highly desirable
Qualifications/Skills Required
  • Passion for cyber safety education
  • Desire to give back
  • Cybersecurity, information security, IT knowledge/experience
  • Presentation skills
  • Time
Training Self-training materials are available online
Time Requirement Typically, two hours to prepare for the first presentation. Standard presentation is 1 hour in duration
Travel Requirement Travel to presentation site required if in-person; however, presentations can be done virtually
Start/End Date(s) Depends on availability
Elgibile CPE Group A
10 CPEs for the first two presentations
1 CPE for each subsequent presentation
CPE Submission Process Self-submit via Member Portal
  • Category: Contributions to the Profession
  • Choose: Safe and Secure Online Presentations
  • Details: # of attendees, type of presentation and location
  • Earn CPEs
  • Add volunteer experience to your resume/CV
  • May be recognized in the Center newsletter
  • Eligible for Center Volunteer Awards
  • Available to volunteer without leaving the house
  • No background check or long screening process
Reference Materials