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Cybersecurity Health Check

This opportunity will match volunteers with small businesses for a small business cybersecurity health check. The volunteers will talk through a checklist of questions with the small business representative, help them understand their current cyber risk level and ways to minimize that risk. Meetings can take place virtually or in-person, depending on geography of both participants and preferences.

Cybersecurity Health Check
Purpose/Rationale Small businesses are at risk for cybersecurity attacks. Over 40% have experienced an attack but only 5% of small business owners are worried about their cybersecurity preparedness. For most, they lack the resources, understanding, time, and money to fully understand and assess their cyber risk.

(ISC)² has thousands of members with the knowledge and expertise to help guide small businesses through a cybersecurity health check. This opportunity provides volunteers the chance to use their skills for good and helps small businesses gain a better understanding of their risk level.

The program will pilot in Chicago in Q1 of 2023 and will scale globally in future iterations.
Responsibilities/Expectations  Attend a 1-hour training. Sign a volunteer agreement. Meet virtually or in person with small business representative to go through a questionnaire. Complete the Cybersecurity Health Checklist to assess their cyber risk and meet with them to explain the findings.
(ISC)² Membership Required Yes
Qualifications/Skills Required Knowledge of small business cybersecurity risks, ability to communicate to people with little to no tech/cyber knowledge, understanding of business cybersecurity needs and options for implementation (low to no cost)
Training 1-hour virtual training session
Time Requirement 2-5 hours per business served
Travel Requirement None – meetings will be virtual. In-person meetings are possible if both members are in the same geographical location.
Start/End Date(s) January 2023 - ongoing
CPE Credit(s) 2-4 per business served
CPE Submission Process CPEs will be submitted on behalf of volunteers
Benefits/Rewards Assisting small businesses with their cybersecurity risks. Small businesses are a huge part of the global economy and need help understanding their cyber risk. You can be part of the solution and provide needed guidance.
Reference Materials N/A