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(ISC)² Compliance Mapping Certificate Program

Learn How to Develop and Optimize an Agile Compliance Control Framework

The history of aligning laws, standards, and best practices has been rampant with out-of-date techniques that wasted time and money. The practice of developing increasingly complex spreadsheets is no longer tenable.

Today it is possible to gain the compliance mapping knowledge necessary to develop, customize, and optimize a legally defensible compliance control framework supporting your organization’s unique business requirements. You’ll learn ‘by doing,’ using a new scientific approach developed by the creators of the renowned Unified Compliance Framework that incorporates new technologies and standards like Natural Language Processing engines, named entity recognition, built-in change management, and the ability to leverage the results into the most popular GRC software.

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Why Earn the Compliance Mapping Certificate?

If you’re a professional involved in Compliance, Risk Management, IT, or Information Security, you must understand how to do the following;

  • Map multiple Authority Documents correctly and accurately to a suite of common controls in a way that will satisfy auditors and regulators
  • Simplify your internal communication and evidence collection processes with a single set of common controls
  • Create an agile compliance management program that assimilates new regulatory requirements more quickly

With this course, you will gain new sought after skills and, upon passing the program, you’ll be accredited as a Certified Compliance Mapper, and given full access to the UCF Mapper tool. All (ISC)² members will also earn 8.00 CPE credits. Your skills will be in demand by any organization that wants to customize their own or their clients’ compliance programs.

Program Content

The online curriculum can be completed at your own pace. The training includes multimedia presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experience. Key objectives are provided in seven modules:

Module 1: Introduction to using the UCF mapping process

Module 2: How to use the UCF Mapper Software

Module 3: How to catalog an Authority Document

Module 4: How to extract citations

Module 5: How to tag mandates

Module 6: How to add new terms and definitions into the Compliance Dictionary

Module 7: How to match mandates

Elapsed time to complete the training will vary with each individual; however, on average it takes 8-10 hours to complete all seven modules.

Throughout each module, you’ll take quizzes and complete a practical application exercise. Those two activities are designed to be completed in approximately an hour for all seven modules. You must receive a passing score for the test and the practical application exercise in order to pass a module.

Licensing Requirements

In addition to purchasing the training program, each organization enrolling someone in the Program will be granted free licenses to the following: 

  • UCF Common Controls Hub Starter account
  • UCF Mapper Student License 

Do you have questions about the Compliance Mapping Certificate Program? Ask Unified Compliance, creator of the UCF.

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