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(ISC)² Compliance Mapping Certificate Program

Learn How to Customize Your Compliance Programs
Using the Unified Compliance Framework®

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The release of UCF Mapper™ has opened the floodgates for the compliance community to add public, private, or internal Authority Documents to the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®). The UCF provides the technology necessary to create a legally defensible, unified framework to aggregate and harmonize all compliance requirements applicable to an organization.

Why Earn the Compliance Mapping Certificate?

You will be accredited as a Certified Compliance Mapper, and given full access to the UCF Mapper tool after you have passed the Compliance Mapping Certificate Program. All (ISC)² members will also earn 8.00 CPE credits. Your skills will be in demand by any organization that wants to customize their own compliance programs or their clients using the UCF.

Program Content

The online Compliance Mapping Certificate Program can be completed at your own pace. The training includes multimedia presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experience. The Program consists of seven modules:

Module 1: Introduction to using the UCF mapping process

Module 2: How to use the UCF Mapper Software

Module 3: How to catalog an Authority Document

Module 4: How to extract citations

Module 5: How to tag mandates

Module 6: How to add new terms and definitions into the Compliance Dictionary

Module 7: How to match mandates

Elapsed time to complete the training will vary with each individual; however, on average it takes 8-10 hours to complete all seven modules.

At the end of each module, you will take a written test and complete a practical application project. Those two activities are designed to be completed in approximately an hour for all seven modules. You must receive a passing score for the test and the practical application project in order to pass a module.

Licensing Requirements

In addition to purchasing the training program, each organization enrolling someone in the Program must have the following licenses:

  • UCF Common Controls Hub Basic License
  • UCF Mapper License

Do you have questions about the Compliance Mapping Certificate Program? Ask Unified Compliance, creator of the UCF.

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