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NICE Data Sheet
The Secure Path to Accomplishing Your Mission

You and your team are under increasing pressure to accomplish your agency’s mission while complying with the stringent, complex NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. Whether you’re building or restructuring your cybersecurity team, the NICE Framework has become the essential standard to follow even for those in the public and private sectors where compliance is not yet mandatory.

But how do you go about the daunting task of ensuring your team is equipped with the talent and skillsets across the thousands of Specialty Areas; Work Roles; Work Role IDs; Knowledge, Skills and Abilities; and Tasks detailed within the NICE Framework?

(ISC)² has you covered with the (ISC)² Certification NICE Framework Map. Our team of cybersecurity certification experts have aligned the skills, tasks and domains encompassed within our entire portfolio across the NICE Framework. Starting with our premier CISSP and including all our globally recognized, ANSI-accredited certifications across a wide array of key security functions like security operations, secure software development, secure cloud computing and more, you can see how (ISC)² certifications help you cover nearly every aspect of the NICE Framework.

With the (ISC)² Certification NICE Framework Map, we can help you fill any gaps in your security staffing, as well as assuring auditors and management that your operation meets the standards set out by the NICE Framework.

NICE Framework
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