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(ISC)² COVID-19 Response – Online Exams

Does (ISC)² Offer Online Exams?

All of us at (ISC)² appreciate the challenges the current health crisis is placing on test takers. We want to ensure all (ISC)² credential holders – now and in the future – who have invested time and resources to prepare for and pass an (ISC)² examination can trust that their certification will maintain its value for the long term. We will not risk creating any doubt about the integrity of our exam process and the qualifications of those passing the exam. (ISC)² is familiar with and well-versed in the online exam platforms available in the market today, including those offered by the world’s leading testing administrators. All online testing systems, however, present a degree of inherent risk above and beyond in-person test administration environments. We continue to evaluate these tools and the processes they follow for assurance that online exams maintain as much as possible the same degree of rigor and integrity as in-person exams, as well as protecting the content of the exams. Unfortunately, these requirements have not yet been met to our satisfaction, but we continue to review all possible solutions and work to find alternate possibilities.

We recognize the desire for many candidates to proceed as quickly as possible to an online exam format. Beyond technical feasibility, candidates should understand that the CISSP as an adaptive examination, and the fact that all (ISC)² Examinations are ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 accredited, requires special planning and approvals from third parties prior to administration. (ISC)², however, will continue to proceed with caution. We need to ensure to the best of our abilities the psychometric soundness and legal defensibility of our examinations and the integrity of the certifications that are conferred due to their successful completion. (ISC)² seeks to augment existing delivery capability as safely and as quickly as possible, and we thank you for your patience as we explore all options for increasing exam availability around the world. As soon as additional avenues of exam delivery are finalized, we will communicate these findings broadly and expediently.