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InfoSecurity Professional Magazine

InfoSecurity Professional keeps readers up to date on cybersecurity trends and best practices. Learn something new and earn CPE credits!

September/October 2021 Issue

How to Handle Ransomware Demands
Within the next few years, three out of every four companies can expect to be hit by ransomware. Given the odds, it’s time to decide what to do if prevention measures fail.

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InfoSecurity Professional: Cloud Security Insights

Our bi-monthly e-newsletter Cloud Security INSIGHTS, delivers timely, must-read original articles for the professional development of infosecurity practitioners focused on cloud security.

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InfoSecurity Professional Insights

InfoSecurity Professional INSIGHTS is our bi-monthly e-newsletter, associated with our digital publication, InfoSecurity Professional. Similar to the magazine, it will deliver timely, compelling content written with the professional development of infosecurity practitioners in mind.