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2 CPE Credits

Security Analysis with SPARTA

SPARTA’s design automates many common vulnerability assessment tasks and is commonly used for network infrastructure penetration and security testing. This tool is primarily focused on aiding security testers and researchers during the scanning and enumeration phase of an engagement. It saves the tester time by automating and providing point-and-click access to output generated by SPARTA. In this hands-on lab course, you will review and apply internal security assessments and white hat penetration testing by using SPARTA on an unfamiliar network. You’ll gain experience performing scans on a local network to find live machines and locate open network ports and services, then find weaknesses in some of these services and explore ways to mitigate them.

Lab Activities:

  • Analysis of a Subnet
  • Gain Access to MySQL
  • Brute-Force Access to a Machine
  • Analyze Nikto Results
  • Access and Close Backdoor Shell
  • Mount Remote NFS Share

Who Should Take This Course:

Security practitioners and anyone looking at implementing the penetration testing execution standard (PTES) and the tools and processes found within SPARTA and security assessment tools. Expected familiarity using the Unix/Linux command line and a working understanding of both web applications (HTTP, URL parameters, etc.) and networking concepts (TCP/IP, DNS, etc.) is assumed.

About This Course:

Lab content within this course takes place within a Linux virtual machine environment. Learners are introduced to each section of the lab and will have the ability to work through the entire lab at their own pace. Included within each section is a video walkthrough for additional support. Learners will have seven days to work through the lab before progress resets. To receive a certificate of completion and earn 2 Group A CPE credits towards (ISC)2 credentials, all objectives within the virtual lab environment must be met, a course evaluation completed and a score of 70% or higher on the final assessment.