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4 CPE Credits

Working in the Cloud

Companies of all sizes are quickly adopting cloud computing as a core business practice. While cloud computing offers many benefits, security professionals can face a range of challenges as they work to utilize, optimize and secure critical assets in the cloud. This course uses an immersive experience in which the learner takes the role of a security professional within an organization, who will need to think critically, apply knowledge and make decisions to determine the best solution regarding cloud security challenges.


  • Foundations
  • Service/Deployment Models and Arbitrage 
  • Privacy, Regulatory, and Legal Issues 
  • A Breach in the Cloud
  • Final Assessment

Who Should Take This Course:

Security professionals with a working understanding of security concepts and principles. Prerequisite knowledge includes an understanding of basic cloud terminology as well as the types of cloud services traditionally used by businesses.

About This Course:

Immersive Courses provide in-depth training on a variety of relevant and timely cybersecurity topics. This course is a story-driven four-hour immersive learning with video, audio and text-based content, animated and interactive graphics, outlined processes and knowledge checks. At the end of the course, you will be asked to take a final assessment and must score 70% or higher prior to receiving a certificate of completion and earning continuing professional education (CPE) credits.